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I have a Facebook account, one that I treat as a place to hang out with like-minded people. I don’t use my personal Facebook account to debate politics or religion. I am more interested in personal photos and cat videos. These days, I rarely post on Facebook, but I like to peruse my friends’ stuff as time and health allow. I reserve my religious and political writing for my blog and my public Facebook page. As a result, I only have 200 or so Facebook friends. This is by design. Currently, I have twenty-five pending friend requests. The problem I have is that I don’t know who these people are. They may be readers or they may be stalkers, trolls, and hot chicks. I have no way of knowing.

If you send me a friend request and I don’t know you, please send me an email or message telling me who you are or how we are connected. Say nice things about me. 🙂 If not, I won’t approve your friend request.

Thank you for your understanding.


Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Only 200 friends? I have only 7, and 2 are blood relatives. I ignore most requests because they are from weird fake accounts. Most of my family doesn’t do social media. I follow more than I try to friend. Lots of good art, music, and cat accounts. I prefer to follow groups that are heavily moderated to keep things civilized. Debate? Nope. I have more than enough stress in my life. 🙂

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    MJ Lisbeth

    Bruce, I have a similar attitude toward—and fewer friends on—Facebook. I started an account mainly to keep in touch with some people I know. Like you, I rarely post; I simply can’t understand those who post their every move.

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