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1991 Current Affairs Report: Jack Hyles Stole My Wife

jack hyles praying
Jack Hyles Praying

What follows is a 1991 Current affairs report about Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, stealing deacon Victor (Vic) Nischik’s wife. His wife was Hyles’s secretary.  If you are not family with Jack Hyles, please read The Legacy of Jack Hyles. (see all posts that mention Jack Hyles)

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25 years after this report, the followers of Jack Hyles continue to deny Hyles did anything wrong. The last comment on the video, posted six months ago, stated:

It amazing how all of you seem to hate a guy you dont know.  There was absolutly no evidence this happened and as a matter of fact in most cases he was out of town.  Vickie boy got caught molesting little girls so he turned things on Dr Hyles.  Any idot could see what happened.  Why do all you folks condem Jack Hyles but dont hold people you like and love to the same perverted standard?  Its because you didnt like what he was teaching….and what he taught came from the Bible.  You better hope you are right because if your not your going to give an account for your words.  And I will be there making sure that happens.


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    That is one tacky-assed chair Hyles is kneeling in front of. Is that crushed velvet travesty his ‘Throne of Grace’? Jesus has better interior design tastes than that! LOL

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    The true nature of this sort of thinking is in the last sentence ‘And I will be there making sure that happens’. He, or she, is quite satisfied that they are themselves going to be saved. Part of that saving involves a certain revenge factor, whereby they will personally be on hand to make sure you get your come uppance.

    This Hyles person seems to have been a truly disgusting human being. Pity there are some who are so blinkered that they refuse to face reality.

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    Lara Snider

    I am glad light is being shed. For every brave, shattered soul that tells their story (I amquite sure that anyone who rapes children isn’t picky about the sex of the victim.) I know there are places through patreon for people surviving Quiverful. I hope people can see real healing and talk to get the poison out.

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