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As Seen on Social Media: Why Atheists Are Praying for the Rapture

Graphics, Memes, Quotes, and Comments I’ve spotted on Facebook or Twitter.  Today’s graphic comes from Facebook. I think it accurately describes how many atheists feel about the rapture. That great day, sometime in the near future, when every Evangelical will be raptured from the earth and taken to their reserved seat in Heaven where they will gleefully watch God savagely maim and kill the majority of the human race.



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    Heh – On the surface, if the rapture were to happen it would “seem” nice to be free of those that judge us … until the realization sinks in that they were “right” about “something” … although it STILL wouldn’t be evidence of god … it would, however, be evidence of something MUCH more powerful than what we’ve ever experienced in the natural (known) world/universe … in any regard, if such an event happened for real – it would be disconcerting and troubling to say the least.

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