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He’s My Grandfather, Can’t You Tell?

karah and bruce gerencser 2015
Karah and Bruce Gerencser 2015

Most parents and grandparents go through periods of time when they wonder if their children/grandchildren like/love them. I know I’ve had moments where I’ve wondered if ___________ child or grandchild knew I even existed. Children go through phases ranging from clingy I need you to who are you?  As a young parent, I was certain my two oldest boys wanted nothing to do with me. Same goes for several of my granddaughters. I intellectually know that this is all part of their development, but who doesn’t want to feel needed and liked, right?

Thanks to being all jacked up on Lyrica and narcotics, I’ve been able to attend some of my grandchildren’s sporting events. I am easy to spot, the big man who looks like Santa Claus, the man who always wears a hat and suspenders and walks with a cool hand carved cane. That, and always having a monopod and camera with him.

On Wednesday, I attended my 8-year-old granddaughter Karah’s softball game. During the home half of one of the innings, I shuffled over to the Stryker dugout so I could take some photographs. As I aimed my camera towards the girls in the dugout, one of Karah’s teammates said. Who’s grandfather are you? I thought, here’s THAT moment. Will she own me? Without even pausing to think, Karah replied, He’s MY grandfather! And then she added, can’t you tell?  She seemed quite indignant that it was not evident to everyone that I was her grandfather.

These are the small moments that make your day, even when you are in tremendous pain.

Here’s some of the photographs I’ve shot in recent weeks.

karah gerencser softball 2015 (2)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (1)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (5)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (4)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (3)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (8)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (7)

karah gerencser softball 2015 (6)


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    Gene Stephens

    I know how you feel, Bruce, about wanting the grandkids to like you and not being sure if they do or not. I never had kids, but through my second wife (whom I married at age 55 after being widowed at 46), I have a two-year-old step-grandson and a five-year-old step-granddaughter. Their affection comes in spurts, especially the grandson. He’ll ignore me when I first come to his house, then he’ll come and cuddle with me on the couch, then out of the blue he just walks away and does something else. I want them to like me, but I know that’s something I can’t force them to do.

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    These are some fantastic photos – they really capture your granddaughter’s intensity, focus and determination in a sport she clearly is very serious about doing well at. Congrats to you both 🙂 I hope she won that day … you already admitted that you “won” (when she proudly, even if somewhat indignantly, proclaimed you as her G-pa 😉

    Yeah, those moments are good for the soul and have a long shelf life.


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