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Sacrilegious Humor: We Are Most Amused by Rowan Atkinson

This is the fourth installment in the Sacrilegious Humor series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a comedy bit that is irreverent towards religion, makes fun of religion, pokes fun at sincerely held religious beliefs, or challenges the firmly held religious beliefs of others, please email me the name of the bit or a link to it.

Today’s bit is We Are Most Amused by Rowan Atkinson.

Warning, many of the comedy bits in this series will contain profanity. You have been warned.

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    Atkinson is also a funny priest/reverend in the movie “Keeping Mum.” He’s a preacher who’s so preoccupied with writing a sermon for a large conference that he doesn’t notice his wife’s more carnal longings; she gives plenty of hints but he doesn’t pick up on them. His son is being bullied at school, his wife is contemplating an affair, and then a nanny comes around who is able to fix much, although she’s a bit of trouble herself 🙂

    The film celebrates family life while poking fun at religion but also at English country living and small town gossipy communities. It’s very light-hearted but with quite a serious undertone. I saw it on tv one day, and the summary sounded pretty dull: preacher can’t write sermon, how could that subject even be a film, right? But I gave it a shot: Rowan Atkinson, Maggie Smith, and Kristen Scott Thomas had to count for something, I thought… and I wasn’t disappointed.

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