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A New ‘Cat’ in Our Backyard

Last December, I wrote a post about feeding and helping a feral cat. I later wrote several other posts about this cat. You can read those posts here and here.  Fall is now upon us, and before long the blustery winds of winter will cover our yard with snow. The feral cat, now a year old, is still among the living, and he, along with several of his buddies, make several trips each day to our yard to eat. Usually, they stop by the compost pile to see what goodies we have left for them before they make their way to the cat food. We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that the feral cat and his black and white compatriot consider our yard home. Some nights, we find them sleeping on our picnic table or swing and during the day it is not uncommon to see them lounging in the garden or under the pussy willow bush. As the temperatures get colder, we will do our best to give all the cats who come our way a safe, warm place to sleep.

Several nights ago, a new ‘cat’ showed up at the Gerencser Cat Hotel. I’d seen him several times before, but every time I opened the back door so I could go outside and photograph him, he ran off. This time he decided to play possum and pretend that I couldn’t see him. He allowed me to get within ten feet of him, which was great since I had to use a flash, and I was able to shoot several photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

possum 2015

possum 2015-001

possum 2015-002

possum 2015-003

possum 2015-004

possum 2015-005


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    That Other Jean

    Smart “kitty,” to find a regular source of food and a place to stay warm at night. I hope he/she doesn’t intimidate your more ordinary cats.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    My parents lived out in the country, and had a mini-orchard. When I visited, I stayed in the guest room at the back of the house. I remember waking up one summer night to the most enthusiastic thrashing sounds, and I finally figured out that a possum was stripping their fig tree. I debated going out and fussing at it, but that would have awakened my mother (who had a very hard time sleeping) and I figured it would just come back when I left. So I shut my eyes (and shut my mouth the next day, when the theft was discovered). Still don’t know if that was the right decision, but oh, well.

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    My pointer was crazy one night and we let her and the terrier out front. She got the possum and shook it till it didn’t move anymore. One less possum I guess. Usually, we don’t get squirrels or raccoons even though we have 40-foot trees in our yard.

    2 weeks later my husband went over to check out motor home in the lot at our church and when he opened the hood, he got hissed at and there was a big old possum who was making his home by the alternate battery switch. He got the broom out of the coach and shooed him off. Can I admit I really don’t like possums?

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