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Dr. David Tee Admits He Can’t Be Objective

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Objectivity: the fact of being based on facts and not influenced by personal beliefs or feelings (Oxford Dictionary)

Objectivity: the quality or character of being objective; lack of favoritism toward one side or another; freedom from bias (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Just when I think I have heard everything, Dr. David Tee, whose real name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen, will write something that boggles my mind. What follows is an excerpt from Thiessen’s post titled, Christians Are Not Objective. I am beyond words, so I will leave it to readers to weigh in on Thiessen’s claim that he isn’t, nor can he be, objective.

Thiessen — thank you, Bruce for giving proper attribution — writes:

That is the true concept of objectivity. Nothing is ruled out. That is if one wants to be honest. However, for Christians, the time for being objective is before they become a Christian. After they accept Christ as their savior, they are no longer objective but have sided with God and his words.

The new and old believers have made a choice to follow Jesus and live by the word of God. The word of God does not teach objectivity. It teaches how God created the world in 6 days, leaving no room for alternatives to take place.

The Christian does not need to be objective and question everything. They have found the truth and decided to accept that truth. Once that decision is made, they no longer need to search for answers to a mystery that does not exist.

Objectivity only helps lead one to examine all the facts. It is not supposed to keep questioning once the answer has been discovered. Unfortunately, for many scientists, the answer to our origins has been provided and has been in existence since the beginning of time. There is no mystery to our origins, the origin of the universe or how life developed.

We have those answers and the good scientists who are Christians can move on to more important work either refuting those who promote alternatives or solving many of life’s challenges, including curing diseases, solving water problems in many countries, and so on.

There is a world of problems that need Christian scientists to focus on instead of worrying about where we came from. While we still need Christians and Christian scientists to dig up facts to refute the claims of the unbelievers who reject creation, we do not need as many.


Objectivity is very limited in its application and it is never a good thing to be objective when you have sided with God and his word. When you do become objective again, you are saying you have not found the answer and there is no reason for unbelievers to convert.

Christians have to decide if the word of God is true or not, then make their stand on it no matter what unbelieving scientists say. God does not lie and to say that unbelieving scientists are telling the truth about our origins, then you are saying that God lied.


When you serve God, there is no room for objectivity. You either promote his views or you are not serving God.


Christians, do not even try to be objective as it will put you on the wrong side of God and have you obeying secular man over what God has said. We know that there is no such thing as objectivity as God has said you are either on his side or not.

When you pick a side, you are accepting and supporting the information, etc., that is found on one side or the other. There is no middle ground, which is why progressive creationism and theistic evolution cannot exist.


No, Christians are not objective as they have picked a side and when they stray from representing that side properly, they have left or almost left their faith. Their words, etc., must reflect that choice and not be swayed by those who do not believe.

The latter side has no smoking gun of evidence or knowledge that will destroy Christianity. They are bringing falsehoods mixed with a little truth to help trap unwary Christians. We cannot be swayed by their degrees or years of experience. If they disagree with God and the Bible, they re bringing a false gospel and the wrong information.

Christians put objectivity aside so that the truth can be shared around the world.

Sigh . . . beyond words 🙁

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    Just when I thought the esteemed toddler Tee couldn’t get any more stupid I’m proved wrong. There are literally dozens of definitions of the word ‘objectivity’, though all point in the same direction. Objectivity is simply that which is true regardless as to your personal opinion. The problem comes, of course, in defining what is true, and there we have to be careful. It’s true that gravity exists, because if I drop a plate it falls to the floor. It’s also true that without gravity the universe would have been unable to form and we wouldn’t exist. The scientific study of gravity provides explanations that are pretty complete, but unfathomable to the majority of us, so we must accept as objectively true. Evolution is factually established in the same way, and is only deniable by the stupid and ignorant because it cannot be tested by dropping a plate. The age of the earth is similarly a matter of scientific fact. All these objective facts might vary over time as new information comes to light, but none are going to be found to be fundamentally wrong.

    Tee seems content to bask in his own stupidity, as though he’s proud of it. It’s unfortunate that he can’t be prevented from using (fraudulently) the title ‘Dr’, as it denigrates those who have achieved the distinction via genuine endeavour and been credited accordingly. My challenge to him, which he’s unable to accept of course, is that if objectivity is permissible prior to accepting his mythical view of the world, then how come this doesn’t prevent his ever entering this mythical world which, by his own definition, is untrue, as it denies objectivity.

  2. Avatar

    It seems to me this is the possibly least onerous thing Doc T has posited. While objectivity has its uses and is often a lofty goal, I’d suggest subjectivity isn’t necessarily bad. For example, the thesis of “Star Wars” even when surrounded with technology’s bells and whistles sometimes you have to trust your gut even when there is no logical reason to do so.
    In Doc T’s case once you’ve entered the rabbit hole of Christianity it doesn’t make much sense to inspect it an dissect it. It’s like checking for cars at an intersection once you’ve already made the decision and action to proceed. I suppose a word of caution to the Doc Ts of the world, if you posit such absurdities as young earth creationism, you will find any potential converts merely laugh you out of any other consideration for any of your other beliefs. It’s like the zipper on the bigfoot costume.

    • Avatar
      Revival “I Lie for Jesus” Fires

      At the Great white throne judgement everytime you all heard the gospel from David Tee or anyone else will be played back.

        • Avatar
          Revival “I Lie for Jesus” Fires

          You have acknowledged the exist of hell. That’s a step back away from the enemies trap. As you have also acknowledged God as well which shows Anti-Christianity and Misotheism instead of “atheism “.
          Praying for you to let Jesus transform you.

          • Avatar

            Revival, you’d be better praying to be able to write in coherent English. It’s interesting that your, and toddler Tee’s, abilities to discern the world appear inversely proportional to your levels of education. I’m guessing fundamentalist homeschooling without a qualified teacher even in shouting distance.

      • Avatar

        RF, you really should search Bruce’s site for the guest post I wrote on the “Great White Throne Judgment”. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      • Avatar
        John S.

        Will that be played back with a tape recorder, or was it all videotaped? I have been hearing the Gospel since I was 2 or 3 years old. It might take a long time for me to see/hear every time I heard the Gospel. Does that include the Old Testament and the Epistles? I’m Catholic, so does that include the Apocrypha? Are you talking about what Jesus referred to as His “Gospel” or do you mean the four canonical books decided by the Council of Nicaea 300 some odd years after Jesus walked the Earth? And God only knows how often I heard from the Books of Acts and Revelation growing up in a Pentecostal church.

        I’m curious, Revival..How does God keep a record of this? If He uses cassette tapes then that would be quite a library. Maybe He uses the “cloud”? What if his IT Department makes a mistake and plays every time say Dutch Guy or OC heard the Gospel? Can I appeal the number of times if I think the records are wrong? So many questions.

        Also, at what point then will God start the part where I have to account for the times I bullied someone in high school because I was also being bullied and abused? When will I have to answer for the times I compulsively wasted my money on more “stuff” instead of buying a hot meal for the beggar at the end of the exit ramp on I-75? For my addiction(s) that I struggled with? For all the times I disparaged minorities, women and LGBT persons? When I tried to seriously flirt with other women even though I was married with young children? When I acted smug and arrogant because I never had to face childhood poverty. I am a lot more concerned about accounting for this.

        I might be better off if the only thing that is played back in my life is just whenever I heard the Gospel of Jesus.

        • Avatar

          Surely god is using quantum computing by now. Who knows what can be stored and reviewed? I also suspect god AI is far advanced over ours, so getting through all of this my. E pretty quick

          On the other hand, I have heard that to god 1000 years is like one day. So even if the recording showed your whole life in detail it would take less than 10% or a day, so that’s less than 2.5 hours of gods day. Basically a long movie by humans standards.

          • Avatar
            John S.

            Yep, I’m sure there will be some NASA/CIA level tech in Heaven’s review room. Still, I hope there’s at least some comfortable seating. I’m going to be there for awhile during part two of the life review. Maybe it’s like CineBistro and I can get lunch or supper, too?

  3. Avatar
    John S.

    Dr. Tee reminds of a Minister of Propaganda for some failed totalitarian state. Like the near end of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the citizens realized everything they were being told was bullshit, but the regime needed people like Dr. Tee to continue to remind everyone that right thinking was expected, no matter how outdated and ridiculous the propaganda message sounded.
    I wonder if he wears small round wire rimmed glasses? That would complete the look.

  4. Avatar

    2024-the year “dr” tee was sued by the ministry of truth for plagiarism.

    His post is objectively stupid and says a lot more about him(and not in a good way) than anything else.

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