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Local Residents Threaten to Steal or Destroy Our Bernie Sanders Sign

bernie sanders 2016
Bernie Sanders for President Sign in Our Front Yard

Last July, we purchased a Bernie Sanders sign and placed in our front yard. We live on Ohio State Route 15, a busily traveled road running between Bryan and Defiance. By now, thousands of local residents have seen our sign. While several people have stopped by our home and asked where we got our Bernie sign, it remains the only one we have seen in Defiance and Williams County.

A few hours ago, one of my sons alerted me to an interesting discussion on the Citizens for a Better Williams County Facebook page about stealing local campaign signs. The screenshot that follow is self-explanatory.

stealing bernie sanders sign

Both potential criminals are Republican, and one of them is a devout Evangelical Christian. Evidently, respecting the property rights of others is not a part of their political or moral code. I wonder what they would do if they found out that not only are we Bernie Sanders supporters, we are atheists too?

I doubt that either of these people would steal or damage our sign. We all say stuff on Facebook that we don’t really mean.  That said, IF our Sanders sign comes up missing or is defaced, we will be sure to direct the Defiance County Sheriff’s department to the aforementioned Facebook discussion.


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    I don’t agree with their sentiments, but I understand them. It is the same feeling that every time I hear pompous Ted Cruz speak on television I want to punch him in his punchable face.

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    Becky Wiren

    I just posted, “Gee Cheri, I hope you’re joking.” I went and read the thread and yes, I think they were joking. But still.

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    However, social media is helping police with investigations. I am taking a 12 week course offered by the local police department on the things that they do. It is quite fascinating. The fun thing they’ve mentioned is how much they find on social media. In one case a guy posted a picture of a gun where they could read the serial number on the gun and they were able to determine that it was a hot weapon and brought the guy in. So be careful what you post.


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