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2020: Mike Pence for President, Sarah Palin for Vice President

If by some small miracle we survive being nuked during the Trump years, one Michigan redneck thinks Mike Pence and Sarah Palin should replace Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2020.  Yeah, what could go wrong with Pence and Palin running things, right?

mike pence sarah palin 2020


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    Just seeing the title of the post made me slightly ill. The thought of a P/P ticket… well, maybe they could get Republicans to buy it, if that tape of Trump in Moscow turns out to be true.

    Yes, I know it’s juvenile. But I have to laugh or just start screaming until Trump blows us all up. (I’m already not sleeping well.)

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    I used to find the drama ‘The West Wing’ annoying as it presented an unrealistic portrayal of politics – it was essentially a liberals wet dream where politicians and staff were sensible and full of integrity.

    I am beginning to see why so many people liked that fantasy. Sometimes we need unrealistic escapism.

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    I notice there is a correlation in the quality of hand made signs and the intelligence of the sign maker. Maybe that’s just me though.

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