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Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Home Schooling Director Jeffrey Goss Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

jeffrey goss

Jeffrey Goss, principal of the Christian Education Alliance — “a unique education ministry to home school families in the Tulsa metro area” —  in Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested Tuesday on child pornography charges. Tulsa World reports:

Jeffrey Richard Goss, 56, is accused of using a video conference chat room to share and view sexually explicit pictures and videos of underage boys and girls, according to a complaint filed in Tulsa federal court Wednesday.

Court documents state that Goss is a principal at a Tulsa school, but they don’t specify which one. Goss’ Linkedin profile states that he is a principal at Christian Education Alliance, 840 W. 81st St.

Christian Education Alliance is a “unique education ministry to home school families in the Tulsa metro area” for grades one through 12, according to its website.

The allegations against Goss were discovered during an undercover operation by Homeland Security investigators in 2015, according to the court documents.

On Tuesday, law enforcement investigators served a search warrant at Goss’s south Tulsa home.

While being interviewed, Goss told investigators that he used the chat room at least five or six times since November 2015 with the intent to view child pornography, according to the complaint. He said he accessed the materials from the school where he works in an effort to hide it from his spouse, the document says.

Goss is employed by Tulsa Hills Church of the Nazarene in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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    You know the sad thing, Gerencser? We have to face this reality but we don’t go far beyond the surface of acknowledging it. I wonder if Dan was getting at that in his post that suggested you were preaching to the choir….
    Let me try to explain: People harm children because they are programmed to do so. It is against nature but it is nevertheless possible because of early damage. Their programming is often intergenerational, harm passed from grandparent to parent to child. They act almost unconsciously and I don’t say that as some kind of excuse for behavior: Children are the first priority and need protection, need love and support.
    When we reveal the news about perpetrators in blogs, we are limited to the news offered us from whatever newspaper or source offers it. What we don’t then get is the deeper background, the possible contributing factors to the perp’s actions. What happened to Jeffery Goss to develop in him an interest in child porn? Do people actually believe that magic Satan implanted this perversion in him and that he is and was otherwise perfectly the norm? This is one reason I claim that Christianity is designed to harm. It does not look at the personal history of the perp but labels him a sinner who needs Jesus, thereby burying all possibility of uncovering the actual causes of the man’s illness. Christianity buries the truth in the great sacrifice of Christ, the great benevolence of the Father.
    Bullshit is what I say…. Goss lived out his personal damage and if we cannot look at that personal damage we might as well go to church and take the sacraments of denial
    And what if we could get some deeper details? What would we do with them? Would we just blame religion or could we look deeper than that… I am a non-believer, an atheist because I see a genuine interest in that enquiry among those who do not peddle woo….

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