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Face it Ladies, if Your Husband is Overweight He is Not Attractive

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In a recent post titled, Help! My Husband Has a Big Belly, Evangelical sex guru Sheila Wray Gregoire said the following:

Basically, too much fat is difficult when it comes to sex, and not just because things don’t work together as well. When men have bigger bellies, their testosterone levels also fall, which leads to a lower sex drive. And no matter what I can tell you about being attracted to the whole person rather than just his physical appearance, let’s get real. It’s just difficult to be attracted to your husband when he’s really overweight. It doesn’t mean you can’t have sex by focusing on the pleasure that he can give you (and he can give you pleasure!) and focusing on how much you love him, but that spark can definitely be gone.

I’ll leave to you the reader to set Ms. Gregoire straight.



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    What’s to set straight with the sex guru? She just says that she does not find excess girth a turn-on and that it gets in her way. I get that and also that some people get turned on by all that extra flesh too! There ain’t no accounting for taste or lack of it in this world as far as I can see. The trouble I have with Mrs. Sex Guru is that she seems to state her case as if it is some kind of ultimate truth and it is not, simply is not… Some like the skinny and some like the flesh-galore…. Sex guru lady doesn’t get around much, does she….

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    J.D. Matthews

    As an overweight man, I agree with parts of this. I know my weight issues have contributed to a lot of physical problems, some of which have nearly claimed my life. I still struggle with them, and I understand that some women are not attracted to this sort of man. I’m thankful for my wife in this regard.

    However, Brian makes a great point. This woman speaks as though every woman agrees with her. Reminds me of Christianity! Of course, everyone agrees! Who would dare disagree? 🙂 My wife certainly would. I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now when she agreed to marry my fat ass.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I thought, when I read her fat shaming comment, shouldn’t my 13 inch penis be more than enough to overcome any sexual performance difficulties? ? And I just heard Polly laughing hysterically . ?? Each to their own, I say.

      Each of us are attracted to certain physical traits. I make no judgments about what others find attractive. All that I ask is that they keep their personal judgments to themselves. I’m not the least bit interested in hearing what others think about my body, weight, health, eating habits, or sexual proclivities. Polly and I will soon celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary. We have, in every way, grown together. ?

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    Becky Wiren

    Well, I’m overweight, but top heavy too. So I have very large…eyes. Yeah, that’s it! Of course, past 50 gravity does its work. 😉

    Do my husband and I go at it like we did when we were young, had better bodies, and ENERGY? NO. But having more health would solve the second problem. Sex is still important, albeit not as frequent. Still necessary. And I’m attracted to my husband. And he’s attracted to me. Our spark may be slower, maybe a tad, but it’s there.

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