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Ken Ham Wants People to View the Stars Through a “Biblical” Lens

ken ham

This will be a short post. Yesterday, Ken Ham, the CEO of Answers in Genesis and  promoter of scientific ignorance, wrote a post titled, Learn about Astronomy Through a Biblical Lens. I thought, Biblical lens? Wouldn’t  it be better to view the cosmos through a telescope? Instead of encouraging people to get a telescope and set it up in their backyards so they can survey the wonders of the night sky, Ham wants them to come his young earth creationist indoctrination camp so he can teach them how to “properly” do astronomy. Of course, if people heed his advice, the turnstiles will turn at Ham’s backwater properties, adding dollars to his “ministry’s” bottom line. Just remember, it is always about the money.


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    ashley haworth-roberts

    In fact not a Ken Ham blog post so the piece might possibly have been written by one of his sidekicks eg Danny Faulkner.

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    August Rode

    Of course a ‘Biblical lens’ is required. The universe is a scary place for a Young Earth Creationist and there are lots of stars and galaxies that are more than 6,000 light years away. The Biblical lens reassures a YEC that the light from these objects must have been created already en route to Earth.

    I would not be the least surprised to find that the Biblical lens would be useful for shielding Flat Earthers from the truth as well.

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    While I think a trip to the Creation Museum is a terrible idea, I do give Ham (via Faulkner) a bit of credit here. For one thing they aren’t advising people to come to there for the eclipse. Correctly stated it is not in the path of totality. I also think it is good they are giving actual views of the sun. This could conceivably give some kid an interest in real science.

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