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Christian Fundamentalist Shares the Sweet, Sweet Love of Jesus on Facebook

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Earlier today, I stumbled upon the Facebook wall of a Fundamentalist Christian woman my wife and I attended church with in the late 1970s. After reading her loved-filled words about liberals, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, I took a few screen clips to share with readers of this blog. Enjoy.


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    This was written by someone representing a religion based on love and compassion!!

    I wonder what I’d think if I met this woman in the flesh? She’d probably come over as decent and kind, as so many can do at a personal level, but this post paints the picture of a seriously nasty piece of work. The comments about Obama’s policies are one thing, but attacking him by saying he’s homosexual is beyond the pale, especially when combined with the comments about his wife, a very charming and gracious lady I have to say.

    This woman belongs in a Muslim country, where her views will find some sympathy. As an American she’s a disgrace.

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      This woman belongs in a Muslim country, where her views will find some sympathy. As an American she’s a disgrace.

      Wow, a truly shallow statement… Quite shocked… Is this a preposterously expressed Poe?
      This woman belongs absolutely where she is and is expressing what Christians express.
      And Christianity is a religion based on love and compassion? What the fuck.

      Well done, Geoff!

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    That Other Jean

    Wow. This goes beyond Fox News Geezer Syndrome, straight into delusion. She seems to have bought into every right-wing lie about the Obamas and Hillary. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

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    I laughed at this, but maybe I should have cried. It is sad that this is believed by so many. Interesting that Obama is still the fall guy of the religious right rather than Hillary. Obama even gets blamed for Bush era fumblings like Hurricane Katrina response.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      What Obama does for people like her is expose their deep-seated racism. I guarantee you she never wrote anything like this about any of the white Presidents before Obama. And worse yet, she thinks that Trump likely will go down as the best president ever! I am at a loss to understand how Christian Fundamentalists can square their moral and theological beliefs with their support of Trump. In my preaching days I was a right-wing Republican, but I would not have voted for Trump. I likely would not have voted, or I would have wrote someone’s name in, maybe Jesus or John Calvin. 🙂

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        It is a bit disconcerting, but when you crawl into that alien mindset it becomes patently obvious that Obama must be incompetent, he is black (!) The next step is to stack the deck with half truths and falsehoods to bolster this narrative. It is a bit like the Mark Twain classic “Puddin’head Wilson”. Perception coupled with bias become reality.

        Obama did effectively use what I’d hesitantly call reverse racism to get out the black vote and endure sometimes hours long lines to vote for him. His race was a net positive for him, even though he had to a large degree white conservative middle class upbringing in Kansas. He also governed to the slightly right of center.

        The “never Trumps” like you imagine your old self were rare birds indeed. Of course not voting (or voting 3rd party as I did) did pretty much nothing to stop the vulgar masses as they waited in long lines drooling for a chance to vote for Trump. (Yes rural Michigan not much different than your part of Ohio). An enlightened electorate makes up only a very small part of the voting population.

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        Bruce, I think many more conservative or libertarian people voted for Trump, not because they admired his character, or honestly thought he was a “good, Christian” man, (frankly, doubt that he is religious at all) but because they felt at the time Trump represented the lesser of the evils, and they felt obligated to vote.

        For instance, many were concerned about the economic state of the country, and they felt concerned about the future shape of the supreme court, and how this could all impact public policy.

        Personally, I can never remember an election where I felt more conflicted and disheartened by the alternatives. I cast my vote weeping. How President Trump managed to win the nomination for the Republican party, I will never understand. And, why Mrs. Clinton was the only real delegate put out there by the Democrats, I don’ t comprehend either. Difficult days are ahead.

        If I were inclined in this direction, I would almost have to think it was like some kind of conspiracy.

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    I have a new theory about people who say these horrible things about Obama, especially women: they have a crush him. It’s understandable; he’s very handsome, intelligent, talented, well-spoken, educated and polite. He clearly loves his wife and daughters, and treats them with utmost respect. I think he would be a fascinating man to spend an evening with; he seems the type that would be equally comfortable at a football game or the symphony. I admit it, I do envy Michelle at times…

    But I don’t live in fundieland. I know people who do, and we all know that fundies believe that thinking sexytime thoughts is the very same thing as actually having sex, so it is a sin for a woman to have a crush on a man not husband. And she is most especially not to have a crush on a man who is one of those….darker-skinned people. (Not every racist I know is a fundie, but every fundie I know is a full-on racist, and they have become quite loud and proud about it since He Who Shall Not Be Named was elected.)

    And so, the fundie woman who has developed a crush on one of THEM must do everything in her power to talk herself out of it. And so she repeats every vile, evil, nasty rumor she has heard about Obama…all in a desperate attempt to convince herself that she cannot possibly have a crush on Obama, that she could never love him, because he is everything that she has been told her entire sad and sorry life that She. Must. HATE. if she just repeats it enough, and enough people share it on Facebook…maybe she will finally convince herself that she is not in love with Obama….

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    It never ceases to amaze me that the same christianists who want to plaster copies of the Ten Commandments all over the world simply can’t remember or follow that one that says “Do not bear false witness.” I don’t think they’d remember it even if they did manage to succeed in getting their “commandments” posted everywhere and had them in front of their faces.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Mind-blowing. That false witness thing–so many people don’t believe in it. I see so many comments on my FB feed documenting a conversation of:

    Original poster: X (a lie about someone like Obama, Clinton, or another liberal public figure).
    Commenter: X is a lie. check Snopes.
    Original Poster: Well, it could have been true. I’m not retracting the post.

    Folks, we are living in the post-reality-based-community.

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      Nobody would bother to fact-check the claim that Michelle is ‘a tranny’. It’s a blatantly obvious lie. Of course, even if Snopes did fact-check it, you know these folks wouldn’t believe a word they say.

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