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Black Collar Crime: Pastor’s Son James Holvick Accused of Stealing $28,000 From Church

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James Holvick, a pastor’s son and treasurer for Riverview Bible Baptist Church and Christian School in Forsyth, Missouri, stands accused of stealing $28,000 from the church.

KY-3 reports:

A Forsyth man is facing a felony stealing charge after allegedly stealing $27,758 from the churched he worked at – and where his father was once pastor.

James Holvick, 42, allegedly wrote himself checks and then cooked the books while working as an accountant for Riverview Bible Baptist Church.

Pastor Jim Brooks, who declined a formal interview, said Holvick has repaid the church for the missing money.

Prosecutors say that someone found a check made out to Holvick in June, and began asking questions, which eventually uncovered the larger fraud.

Court documents say that Holvick claimed he’d only been taking money for a year, but that checks were found dating back further than that.

Holvick’s father was pastor of Riverview Bible Baptist Church for 31 years before retiring in the late 2000’s. Pastor Brooks says his congregation was stunned when they learned of the embezzlement, but they’re healing.

The felony count of stealing could carry a 10-year prison sentence. He’s scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

According to various news reports, Holvick has already repaid the stolen money to the church.

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    Sarah Carter

    This has been going on for more than 15 years. People have brought this to the church’s attention in the past and the church retaliated against them, firing them, driving them away from the church, turning the accusations against others etc… Bout time he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Also, do not believe for one second he paid that money back. Jim Brooks has been best friends with him since they were children. They will do anything to cover for each other.

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