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Quote of the Day: We Do Not Need The Forgiveness of God by Robert Ingersoll

robert ingersoll

I do not believe in forgiveness as it is preached by the church. We do not need the forgiveness of God, but of each other and of ourselves. If I rob Mr. Smith and God forgives me, how does that help Smith? If I, by slander, cover some poor girl with the leprosy of some imputed crime, and she withers away like a blighted flower and afterward I get the forgiveness of God, how does that help her? If there is another world, we have got to settle with the people we have wronged in this. No bankrupt court there. Every cent must be paid.

Robert Ingersoll, What Must We Do to be Saved, 1880

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    That Other Jean

    If there is an afterlife, I hope that’s true. If we are not decent to one another, we have not sinned against a god, but against ourselves.

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