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Quote of the Day: Should Christian Crosses be Permitted on Public Property?

peace cross

The right question for the [U.S. Supreme] court is whether a religious symbol on public property endorses one religion over others. The Peace Cross clearly does….At a time when Americans subscribe to a wide variety of religious beliefs — or none at all — it’s vital for government to be religiously neutral.

— Los Angeles Times Editorial, February 27, 2019, Via The American Humanist Association Newsletter


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    Mixed feelings. I certainly wouldn’t want to tear down old monuments ( you cannot expect our ancestors to follow our views) and certainly not war memorials but it seems inappropriate now days.

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    I think it should be torn down or private funds should be used to leave it standing. We are taking down Confederate statues and monuments (or moving them to private facilities) because we are evolving as a caring, compassionate society – we should so the same here.

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    Should these symbols be front and center? No but my caveat has to do with not forgetting history. I think Churchill reminded us that those who are willing to forget history, repeat it, or something like that… The appalling history of the church in America must never be forgotton, never hidden in shame but studied to reveal the human needs that spawned it to begin with and that allowed otherwise reasonable people to give their Reason away with glee and even murder others for God. We are a species in progress. Science does not outlaw and hide the truth but bravely stares at it, observes and records, even when it makes the scientist sick. Should these delusional creations be constructed on public property in 2019? No way.

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Bruce Gerencser