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Taking Back America For God: How Evangelical Christians View the World

taking back america

What follows are the lyrics for the Southern Gospel song, We Want America Back. Written by Fundamentalist Christian Jeff Steele, this song succinctly reveals how Evangelicals view the world. It’s scary to think that anyone thinks this way, let alone tens of millions of Americans. Jeff Steele is a member of The Steeles.

Something is wrong with America.
She once held the Bible as her conscience and guide.
But we’ve allowed those who hold nothing to be sacred,
Like Sodom of old, to push morals aside.
Where are the men who once stood for right?
And the women who championed their cause?
We must return to the values we left,
Before this country we love is totally lost.
We want America back.
We want America back,
From those who have no self-control,
We want America back.
This nation is like a runaway train,
Headed down the wrong track,
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back.

Narrative to be used (before singing Stanza 2):

I love America. But I do not love what she has become.
Scripture has said, Blessed is a Nation whose God is the Lord,
and America has forgotten the Godly foundation upon which she was built… Something is wrong
Our children are asked to attend public schools that in many cases resemble war zones,
without even the most basic right of any soldier… the right to pray to the God of heaven.
Many times a wild-eyed, drug-addicted, gun-carrying teenager is allowed to stay in school,
while our Supreme Court decided to expel God from the classroom over thirty years ago.
Something is wrong. Television daily bombards the senses of our nation with the idea that wrong is right,
that the abnormal is normal, that the abhorrent is acceptable, and that what God calls an abomination is
nothing more than an alternate lifestyle. And it’s had an effect. Thirty years ago, the number one television
program in America was “The Andy Griffith Show.” Look what we have today. Something is wrong.
When our government can pass out contraceptives to children is school without parental consent,
and yet the Gideons can no longer pass out the Bible on campus . . . something is wrong.
When our leaders can tell your children and mine that premarital sex is alright as long as it’s safe. . . yes . . .
something is wrong. And I for one am ready for a change. I will say to my government, “I’m not raising
dogs at my house; I’m raising children . . . created in the image and likeness of almighty God.
And I’m going to teach them the Bible. If the Bible says it’s right . . . it’s right.And if the Bible says it’s wrong . . . it’s wrong.”
The only hope that America has is that Godly men and women of character
will stand together as one might army and declare to the immoral, the impure, the obscene and the foul,
“Your days of unlimited access the minds of America are over.
The army of God, that has been silent for too long, is taking America back!”

Stanza 2:
We want America back.
We want America back,
From those who have no self-control,
We want America back.
This nation is like a runaway train,
Headed down the wrong track,
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back.
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back!!

Here is a video of this song. It is being sung by Barbara Fairchild and her husband Roy Morris at a 2012 Patriotic Rally. Please take the time to view the video. Listen carefully to the ad libs that are added to the spoken part of the song. Still think religious beliefs are harmless?

Video Link


  1. Avatar

    Bruce, I normally agree wholeheartedly with you, and even this post has much of merit.

    However, I respectfully submit to you and your other readers that the alternative islamic rule of the middle east would be even worse than the current situation.

    There is absolutely no way to compare the dangers of islam to that of evangelical christianity. Never in America, even in the rural areas you seem most familiar with, have religious and religion-less freedoms been as restricted both by the majority and by terrorism as they are in muslim countries.

    Look at the big picture and history. Which islamic country would you as an atheist prefer to even Evangelical areas of the US? Feminists and many LGBT are completely hoodwinked by CAIR and friends taqiyya.

    Trump was not elected by evangelicals alone but by atheists and LGBT and feminists who looked past mainstream media reporting to see what open borders and failure to recognize the dangers of political islam imposed on every country the have entered. The facts speak foe themselves to anyone willing to use a search engine.

    Sweden, Germany, France, England, and endless other countries suffer from an islamic political ideology imported from the middle east. There is no appeasing it. It is irrational. It has a stated goal of world domination.

    Trump promised to fight against this encroaching anti-American political ideology, and he is doing so despite being fought every step of the way by left wingers. These are the facts. Argue with them but they remain unchanged.

    Is Trump a reborn Churchill, leading America with exquisite skill? Perhaps not. Time will tell. But politics is a messy game these days and anyone can find fault with those crazy enough to run for office. What is harder is looking at the big picture and comparing alternatives.

    Thanks to Churchill, I don’t speak German. Thanks to Trump I never plan to pay the jizra. Or worse.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      This post is not about Islam, it’s about Evangelical eschatology and how it fuels/colors U.S. foreign policy. Perhaps I will one day share my views on Islam. Suffice it to say, you would not be happy if I did. ?

      I’m all for dealing with terrorism. That said, I firmly believe U.S. military involvement in the Middle East and Africa over the past 30 years plays a big part in the rise of Muslim extremism. Trump is only making matters worse with his travel bans and irrational Mideast foreign policy. (And, for the record, I didn’t support Obama on these issues either.)

      Instead of promoting violence — which as a pacifist I oppose on principle — perhaps U.S. interests would be better served if we supported progressive/secular Muslim efforts to combat extremism. Militarism and violence never lead to peace, only a cessation of hostilities. Jesus said, blessed are the peacemakers. Not those who just think peace is a good idea, but those who actively promote and work towards peace. Violence begets violence. Only peace begets peace.

      History reveals Islam’s bloody past, but then Christianity has its own bloody, murderous history. Both should be condemned, as should modern Christian extremists who hide behind the First Amendment as they foment bigotry, racial unrest, and violence.

      Give Christian theocrats the power of the state, and let’s see how long our civil liberties last. Atheists and socialists will be the first people arrested and imprisoned.

      The name of the religion doesn’t matter — be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism. Theocratic beliefs always lead to a loss of freedom and bloodshed. I don’t see a major threat from Islam in the U.S. Sure, it’s there but not to the degree I see from Evangelicals. If, as Trump asserts, it’s AMERICA FIRST, then the bigger threat in the United States is Evangelical dominionists and theocrats, not Islam.

      Thank you for mentioning Islam. This allows me to say my piece and be done with it on this post — which is NOT about Islam. If and when I write a post on Islam, then we can have a street brawl on these issues. ?


  2. Avatar

    To Dell’s point, fundamentalist religion in ANY form is bent on curbing human rights and forcing each and every person whether they be a willful follower or not to submit to the rules of the religion. Fundamentalist Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, etc – it doesn’t matter. Heck, I suppose one could make an argument that there are fundamentalist about non-religious topics that would want to force others to abide by their strictures.

    This song is representative of how a lot of the fundamentalist Christians from my past feel. They literally do not understand that there are large numbers of people who want religious freedom. I live in NJ and work in a company with about 40 employees in our US locations, and there is only 1 evangelical Christian in our employee (and to her credit she doesn’t bother anyone with her religion. We have a lot of bones, several Catholics (some who practice and some who don’t and you only know the difference during Lent), a couple of Muslims, a non-practicing Jew, and a Hindu. Very few of these folks would agree with this song. Very few would want these ideas foisted upon them. Yet my relatives in TN who don’t even know a Muslim or Hindu or Jew and who are surrounded by people raised evangelical Christian like themselves are all over this. They literally don’t understand what the world outside their evangelical bubble is like – they think it’s a chaotic hell that needs some Jesus sauce to put it back to rights. They want the “good old days” when the only folks with rights were white Christian males. All others should know their place.

  3. Avatar

    This mindset is actually incongruous with the foundation of the United States, the secular constitution. Unfortunately, what we have in the evangelical minority is what is known as Dominion theology. The big lie they tell themselves and assert as true is that the United States prospered because of them and was founded on them, when the opposite is true. The fact that there are so many denominations along with Catholic vs Protestant keeping their power in check has had a strong effect of keeping religion a private affair. This is why we must try to spread secularism. The rise of “Nones” will hopefully keep their power in check, but they can be sneaky. The Trump/evangelical synergy is particularly pernicious, and has most of its basis on the Supreme court and abortion politics.

    As for Dell’s comment, Trump will not keep out the bad Muslims. Yes, we don’t want large amounts of Muslims coming to the United States. If there were Muslim ghettos like in Europe, where there is no cultural assimilation that would be a problem, but that is not what is happening in the United States.

    Trump’s immigration policy is all around a sad affair. “Dreamers” used as pawns. Irrational and unbuildable wall, Deporting people who have roots in their community and are typically well liked. Nothing about it makes us “safer”

    Oh and of course Pence would be much, much worse.

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