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The Silly Things Evangelicals “Worry” About

tim bayly's favorite preacher
Tim Bayly’s “Favorite” Preacher, Nadia Bolz-Weber

I found the following yesterday on Fundamentalist Tim Bayly and Company’s Warhorn MediaSanityville — discussion forum. These are the kind of silly things Evangelicals worry about.  Enjoy!

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    Didn’t Jesus have plenty to say about the pharisees and sadducees. Oh wait, never mind because listening to Jesus, having any sense of compassion would get in the way of your idolatrous literal innerant (yet somehow still cherry picked) version of what you think the bible says. Congratulations sir, you have become exactly the type of person who Jesus spoke against.

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    This person is a true Christian, obsessing with every waking hour! ‘Does God need me to stand up and rebuke these women who do not follow God’s Word? Am I showing contempt to the Father by even considering attending a service run by someone who is not permitted to do so? Is this how Satan tricks me into sin, a woman holding a copy of God’s Word and preaching to men!?’
    This constant self-doubt, this constant search with a magnifying glass is very unhealthy. As a very young boy I used to rip my fingernails off in worry, tear at them until they bled and ached from injury. i just couldn’t stop sinning and the more I obsessed over it, the worse it was! I would try like everything to not think a swear word and voila, there it was, written on the side of a pink elephant, echoing in my head. Jesus never saved me. He spent me. Wow, I cannot tell you the relief I knew when I finally realized I could say, No! Fuck off! Take your tax-free clown show down the street. You are drowning out the sound of the wind in the leaves.

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    What I get from this is that it is more impossible to make a stand for Jesus in support of misogyny than to support a friend at their time of need. Good to see where this person’s priorities lie.

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    davey crockett

    This person has no boundaries. The details of this event were picked by others but this busybody feels the need to judge and criticize and worry that their presence there will somehow sanction the situation. Talk about over thinking something. It is obvious their opinion means more to them than family and friends. That is very sad.

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      Absolutely. All this “Will my presence there be construed as approval?” etc. It’s a FUNERAL!

      I wonder of anyone has ever tried to do a study exploring the amount of narcissism within church members? (Have no idea how you would set up the methodology, given that Ns almost by definition refuse to see that they are, indeed, Ns!).

      One example of Narcissism would be this kind of thing, someone labouring under the illusion/delusion that a funeral (in this case) is all about him/her and not the deceased or the close family and friends of the deceased.

      Another example would be “I prayed to God for a parking-space (common example) and almost immediately one because available.” As if any deity worth the name would give a stuff about whether someone gets a parking-space. . .what about world hunger? genocide? child abuse? A deity worried about parking-spaces is a nonsense. Yet what a warm glow these things give the person who is narcissistic. (“God cares about me!”)

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