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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Lori Alexander’s Sexual Assault Fantasy

lori alexander

Women were much safer when they lived under their father’s roof until marriage (IF they had a good father) and then under their husband’s roof when married (IF they have a good husband). Feminism has made women unsafe. They have fought for women to attend universities. Are women safe in the universities? “Sexual assault on college campuses is a common problem that often goes unreported. It includes any unwanted sexual activity, from unwanted touching to rape. Alcohol and drugs often play a role in sexual assault on campuses.” They have fought for women to have careers. Is the workforce safe for women? “Workplace sexual harassment is widespread, with studies estimating that anywhere from almost a quarter to more than eight in ten women experience it in their lifetimes.”

As you can see, women attending universities and having careers have made women much more unsafe than they were living under their fathers’ roof and then their husbands’.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Women Are More Unsafe These Days, August 3, 2019


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    This woman advocates for sexual assault in marriage! I watched a video where she said basically said rape isn’t possible in marriage. And no, woman are unsafe because other people, mainly men, choose to harm them. They are empowered by a culture where they aren’t held accountable. Women should never have to change their own behavior and restrict their own lives to be “safe.” She makes my blood boil.

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    fear. that is all christians have. they say love, but they spread fear and rage and hatred
    but this lori person seems really really filled with self loathing for her own gender.

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    I’ve met many ‘Lori Alexander’ clones.
    My own mom is one.
    My dad went to some men’s conference once and for months afterward would thunder, “I HAVE SPOKEN” when he made a decision.
    Meaning no dissent would be allowed.
    The ignorance and powerlessness of the Christian woman is something to be pitied. And avoided.
    Apparently their god calls them to be doormats.

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    Brunetto Latini

    This isn’t typical of Christian females, by any means. I’m all for laughing at looney tunes, but most Christian women I know and have known would laugh at this too.

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