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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Recent Mass Shootings are “False Flags”

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Unfortunately the tragic events of shootings in El Paso or Dayton increasingly occurring in America appear to be False Flag events perpetrated by conspirators to get rid of the Second Amendment. Once you’re familiar with the pattern, you’re able to identify them.

El Paso and Dayton can be added to Las Vegas and many other recent shootings committed by agents who have no problem killing innocent people. Perhaps one of the most important unanswered questions of our time is why the agents behind them haven’t been exposed or given the death penalty.


False Flag events are largely possible today because the global media narrative is controlled by six corporations with less than 200 executives. The country orchestrating the False Flag event is powerful enough to intimidate other countries from not exposing what are known as “inside jobs.” Only a few countries have the means to do this– one of which is the United States.

Modern-day False Flag events are used to “discredit or implicate rival groups, create the appearance of enemies when none exist, or create the illusion of organized and directed opposition” that a society may not like.

False Flag events are one of the most effective ideological weapons used on a massive scale today. Manufacturing an enemy among a people who believe they have inalienable rights so that they will be willing to give up those rights requires a sophisticated propaganda system that several intelligence agencies have employed.


Some investigators point to 9/11 terrorist attacks, the NORAD drills of 9/11, the 7/7 London Bombings, the 2011 Norway shooting, the Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook, and the public shootings in Orlando, South Carolina, West Virginia, California, Nevada and many more as False Flag attacks.

— Bethany Blankley, Hedgerow, Understanding how to identify False Flag Events, August 5, 2019


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    So how exactly do we distinguish a ‘real’ shooting from a conspired one? Where are all the good guys with guns when these shooters appear, or is there a conspiracy to ensure they are away from the scene?

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    So we are supposed to believe that these shootings are orchestrated by some nebulous, powerful “they” organization to try to get guns away from people instead of believing that the shooters murdered people with guns they shouldn’t even have? Huh? She probably is a flat-earther too.

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    DoctorDJ said the same thing, found some previous over-the-top spewing from this Patheos bogger ( and then noted that yesterday’s False Flag post had been taken down.

    When it comes to these Evangelicals, “…some of the people, all of the time…”

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I wondered how long the post would stay up. I also wonder if Pathos made her take it down? That said, I generally believe people say what they really believe the first time, so I’m glad her words are memorialized on this blog and others.

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        I suppose I’m biased, but Patheos non religious contains some of the best articles and posts available on the internet. There’s almost no censoring of comments, which means there’s no hiding place for stupidity. Unfortunately there’s a dominant religious base which is much less tolerant of comments, though complete removal of a post is unusual.

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Bruce Gerencser