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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Liberals Will Murder Republicans, if Necessary, to Get Their Way

This is what they [liberals, progressives, Democrats, socialists] do, folks. They do this to shut you down, to shut you up. They do this to try to marginalize you. They do this to try to damage your reputation. They do this to try to convince others that you’re a person not worthy of being heard because you’re full of hatred, and anger, and bitterness, and you’re a danger, and you’re violent.

We really are at a political disadvantage in dealing with the left. You know why? Because they have no morals and we answer to God. That puts us at a political disadvantage because it means that they will do anything and we will not. They will lie, steal, cheat, deceive, I dare say commit murder if they think they can get away with it.

When you come for a philosophy that teaches that there is no absolute morality, that there is no absolute good or evil, right or wrong, then the ends justify the means. That’s exactly what Marx taught.

— E.W. Jackson, Right Wing Watch, The Left Has ‘No Morals’ and Will ‘Commit Murder If They Think They Can Get Away With It, October 9, 2019


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    for a change, he hints at the truth: eventually, “christians” and/or republicons, and/or their toadies, will go too far, and i will, in fact, want to murder them for the stuff they’re doing…

    that occurrence is, currently, not too far away, and, the more #drumpf drags us into war with our allies while cosying up to dictators, the sooner it will become a reality.

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    I’m reminded of the old saying regarding religion and morality; ‘morality is doing what’s right, no matter what you’re told, religion is doing what you’re told, no matter what’s right’.

    It’s unlikely that any of us will run around murdering people at random (and in the UK obtaining a gun is very hard) but it’s not impossible as our minds can play strange tricks. Yet it’s so often the case that when people do bizarre things that they claim it was god or Jesus told them. Which suggests, via empirical observation, that reality is the exact opposite of what this highly confused individual claims.

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