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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Contraception Creates Female Pedophiles

thou shalt not use birth control

Recently, a Christian man calling himself Herman Benedict, sent me a 5,000+ word email detailing everything that is, in his deluded Catholic mind, wrong with the United States — mainly Jews and women using contraception. Here’s a 900-word excerpt from his email (endless links removed):

The Novus Ordo sect is an apostate pagan antichurch led by (Satanic Jew) manifest apostate antipopes who took over (in 1958) the physical structures/properties that were previously controlled by Christianity. Salvation is possible only with the One True Church.

The demon possessed and deranged Jewish mob throughout all of human history cried out in St. Matthew 27:25: “His blood be upon us and our children.” Our Lord Jesus Christ said concerning the Deicides: “That upon you may come all the just blood that hath been shed upon the earth, from the blood of Abel the just, even unto the blood of Zacharias the son of Barachias, whom you killed between the temple and the altar.”  St. Matthew 23:35

The Innocent and Most Sacred Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ cries out against Jews.. Jews are Christ-killers accursed with the Blood-Guilt of Deicide in their souls. They are thus bitter anti-Christian bigots driven by the historic curse in their soul and blood to persecute the Lord Jesus Christ and oppress others. The Crucifixion was the greatest crime in human history. There were no gas chambers in Hitlerian Germany.


There used to be a viral beautiful blog named “Boycott American Women” started by US men but which has since been sadly deleted circa 2018 by Google after 8 glorious years. It’s been widely talked about in the news ( ): “American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible and highly unchaste… The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.”


Contraception creates female paedophiles and the epidemic child molestation problem. Contraception murders already conceived children by preventing them from attaching themselves to the wall of the womb after conception. Attachment to the womb’s wall (called “implantation”) happens around 2 weeks after conception.


Contraception shrinks women’s brains.

Contraception makes women ugly, crazy, incestuous, fatter, drug-addicts to birth control, whores and unattractive.

Contraception makes women very smelly in a place of the body that honest men for shame simply do not want to name.

Contraception brings: “acne, sweating and unwanted hair growth after going on the pill. One woman described sprouting hairs all over her cheeks, while another came down with “pizza face”” & “the brains of women on the pill look fundamentally different.” …. Also: “The women were sweatier, hairier and spottier. Some noticed that their voices had deepened. Nearly one in five baby girls born to mothers taking it had masculinised genitals. Some of these unlucky children required surgery.”

Contraception causes: “Mood swings, headaches, and nausea”.

Contraception causes: shrinkage and shortening of the vag*na, dryness, bleeding, discharge, itchiness, paleness/discoloration of the vag*na, lack of natural lubrication, frequent urination, frequent urinary tract infections, painful fornication; all of this causes whores to buy numerous private area products and use drugs for the many problems that they would have never had if they never used birth control.

Contraception causes significant depression & mental health problems.

Contraception makes women: “97% more likely to attempt suicide than those not taking the drugs, and were 200% more likely to succeed in their suicide attempt.”

Contraception makes women extremely violent & uncontrollably impulsive.

Contraception creates massive STDs and makes: “women nearly fifty percent more likely to be infected with HIV” & causes women to be “at increased risk for cancers of the breasts, endometrium, and cervix; as well as herpes, memory loss, and osteoporosis.”

Contraception is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen (the highest category of carcinogenicity) that makes women: “50% more likely to develop a certain type of brain tumor known as glioma” & also causes “cervical cancer,” “heart attacks,” “blood clots,” “Atherosclerosis,” “stroke,” “loss of bone density,” “breast cancer,” and bladder cancer etc.

The unnatural: “urine of contracepting women” when “emitted into sewer systems” pollutes water supplies (sewage treatment plants pump women’s unnatural urine directly into waterways, rivers, & lakes in the whole USA ) and harms wild life, causes monstrous mutations in fish, and contaminates the food and water supply since birth control chemicals/synthetic hormones cannot be recycled. (Ibid) USA farms are being watered with birth control chemicals from the unnatural and demon-infected urine of the murderess whores.  Wastewater treatment facilities produce compost that is used to fertilize farms: it consists of dehydrated feces, lots of birth control chemicals, antibiotics, and over 500 different pharmaceutical pills etc — all of which is non-biodegradable/non-recyclable/nonrenewable and flushed down the toilet after pagans relieve themselves.


The murderesses are completely detached from the Natural Law.  Their brains have mutated both physiologically and chemically. It is a proof set of how contraception makes women stupid and lower than animals (i.e makes them prone to ways of “life” that are lower than the animals). They are debasing themselves even lower than the animals with their sick and twisted acts of ultimate betrayal (the 1st degree murder of their own offspring). They freely choose to debase themselves to an animal or rather sub-animal level. They live in a demonic debased state. They are absolute beasts of impurity. Their wombs are polluted with thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of demons nesting within them (in their wombs and fundamentally-altered brains). Just look at how sub-animal they are; how difficult it is for them to hear spirituality. They are hyper-allergic (both mentally and physically) to the Gospel truth. God says in the Bible that child-murder is human sacrifice to the devil-god Moloch. The murderesses are ‘living’ a subhuman culture. They are ‘living’ at a sub-animal level, that is objectively so evil. They are sub-animalistic beings. These spiritually sick organisms are in a subhuman situation. They are destroyers of civilization and the environment.


This man came to this site via a Google search for information on Zsuzsanna Anderson, wife of IFB extremist Steven Anderson. Birds of a feather flock together?


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    Um, wow….How many showers did you have to take after you read the whole thing? (((shudder)))

    Please tell me this male is not married. If he is, we need to rescue his wife.

    Oh, well. At least I learned a new word. Never knew there was something called an “antipope”. Is that the cure for something, like an antidote?

  2. Avatar

    TLC, antipope refers to someone who claims to be the Bishop of Rome, but was never elected to the post. His claim was supported by some faction in the Church. Antipopes were most common from the 3rd to the mid 15th centuries. There have been rare occasions where it was not clear who was the duly elected pope and who was the antipope. Some traditionalist Catholics (Trads) consider any pope since Pius XII an antipope since they do not like the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Those reforms were not only meant to bring the Church into the modern age, but also to restore some elements of historical liturgy. For instance, the Mass was originally said in the vernacular and the priest faced the people. IIRC, the priest facing the altar along the back wall was something that arose in the Counter-Reformation. The Trads are not pleased with Pope Francis at all, but they didn’t like John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul or Benedict either. Anyway this guy is a genuine Trad nutcase. I also find it funny that he would not type out the while word vagina. There’s nothing shameful about vaginas. Most of us came out through our mother’s vaginas.

    Now I want to watch that episode of King of the Hill where Peggy is going to have to teach sex ed and she is in the bathroom practicing the words she’ll need to use before she says them to a bunch of middle-schoolers. She says Va GINA really loud and Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill hear her out at the street. It’s classic!

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Herman Benedict is suffering a mental disorder and it has hooked itself into religio-babble. This is one very sick biped and not on appropriate meds but chewing the scriptures for lunch and then hallucinating the rest of the day through. It is not even in the same room as funny. It is a horrible, tragic, delusionary stream-of-conscious quite typical in schizophrenia. Poor, dangerous fellow should be closely supervised.

    • Avatar

      I think you’re right about the delusionary stream-of-consciousness. It puts me in mind of Anne Barnhardt, another extreme trad Catholic whose tirades are levelled against: Jews, Muslims, Catholics who aren’t extreme trad, Protestants, women who use birth control, gay people, anyone who voted for Obama. Always the same targets. Sad, yes, but also, so dangerous. Don’t know about the individual mentioned above but Ann Barnhardt apparently has FOLLOWERS. A woman who has internalized misogyny to a greater extent than anyone else I’ve ever heard of, she openly HATES women.

  4. Avatar
    dale M

    Very schizophrenic!! [lower than animals ?? ….. plants ??]. If this guy is left untreated, he will ultimately kill himself and others. Sounds like he is deeply in the planning stages. Life sucks 4 this guy. Like Hitler before him, he was probably dysfunctional when it came to women. Suspect he is a pedophile or a badly treated gay guy. Right now I wonder where his mother is ?

    • Avatar

      Well, it’s anecdotal, I haven’t done any formal studies of this but every misogynist (male or female) that I have ever met or heard of had a disturbing relationship with their mother. One way or the other: some of the mothers were smothering and over-involved, others were cold and under-involved, some were physically abusive, others not. The picture is usually complicated by the fact that such men often had very destructive and dysfunctional fathers too. .. .Then there are cultural factors, of course. Most members of the Catholic Church do not talk/write in the extreme language of Herman Benedict but there’s a lot of misogyny and sexist attitudes embedded in the set-up, attitudes which feed and ultimately excuse this kind of hatred. (Am absolutely not saying that other religions are NOT misogynistic and sexist, they virtually all are. The only ones I have encountered who seem largely free of it are Quakers and Unitarians.)

      • Avatar
        Karen the rock whisperer

        Bruce, is there any possibility this guy could be a Poe? Because if not, he obviously needs mental health care.

        Also, if he’s not a Poe, his wife and any underage children (or young adults still under his control) do need rescuing.

  5. Avatar

    My ex mil has a type of schizophrenia that manifests itself in the realm of religious fanaticism. So much so that she salts around her house and puts “miraculous medals” (???) between the matress and box spring. She goes to her car on her breaks to obsessively pray the rosary the entire time. It’s heartbreaking. She has gone off in her own world and ostracized her own children. Everybody, actually. Her children and grandchildren are devastated because she used to be a completely typical loving person. Very warm and inviting. Now she is a robot. And the catholic church has completely taken advantage of this and she gives them every penny she has.

    • Avatar

      Have no idea why this is but schizophrenic episodes often seem to contain this intense religious quality. I was reading about a man with a schizophrenia diagnosis. He said that he was an atheist, always had been, and that when he was medicated and relatively well, he NEVER talked about religion. He always knew when he was beginning to become unwell again because religious phrases would start to enter his speech. And a preoccupation with religious imagery (usually of a tortured kind, the crucifixion, what happens in Hell, etc.) would take over his thoughts. Once the doctors got him stabilized, the religious preoccupation and the phrases would disappear. . . .I wonder if in predominantly-Buddhist societies, people with schizophrenia rant and rave about the Buddha, etc.

    • Avatar

      Having said all that, I must say that though I have encountered the screeds of schizophrenic people before, I have never encountered as much hatred as in Herman Benedict’s email. . . .As for the Catholic Church and money, what you said doesn’t surprise me in the least. I was told of a woman with bipolar and, also, quite poor. When manic, she began writing cheques for thousands of pounds for people she hardly knew, and for the local Catholic parish. The people she hardly knew understood that she was unwell and tore the cheques up; the Catholic parish accepted every penny. Even when it was explained to the priest, he took the view that “God was clearly guiding this woman towards making a generous donation for which we are grateful.”

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