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Quote of the Day: Only Science Can Save Us from Coronavirus

betty anyanwu akeredolu

Indeed, Coronavirus has humbled the world’s religions and Nigerians whose lives depend on praying and fasting for miracles to happen in this digital world of science and technology.

When I said that I was more than convinced that religion is man-made and a bastion of sexism, which has subjugated women, festered gender inequality, stifled progressive thinking, retarded development and invariably added little or no value to our lives, I was called unprintable names.

 I remain unshakeable with my conviction.

This virus has proved me right, to a large extent. Nigerians, in particular, have invested so much in religion that amounted to nothing. Period!

Now that a deadly virus is ravaging the world, where do we look up to? Science or religion? It is glaring that the foreign religions over which we are killing ourselves in Nigeria have failed the world in this season of anomie and only science can save mankind.

Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, wife of Nigerian Ondo State Governor, March 21, 2020


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    Religion has failed us in learning and progress because it claims to have the answers already. In science, the assumption is that we don’t have the answers already

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    She’s quite daring saying this in Nigeria. My brother is a head teacher of a private school in the country and speaking against religion is viewed very negatively. I’m not sure how he got the job as he’s an atheist but, then again, he probably lied!

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    Charles Olaleye


    When people fail it is not religion or the spirit behind the religion that fail. SPIRIT is limitless, the SPIRIT of religion is esoteric to knowledge. Science is ONLY meant to discover what the spirit created and KNOW before science.

    It is true that science has proffered solutions and established profound theories, but science is just a DISCOVERY and confirmation of what the spirit (religion) KNOWS since the beginning of life. The SPIRIT can delve into the script of the ALPHA & OMEGA and reveal it to the scientist. What sustains and empowers every scientist is the SPIRIT. It is too CHEAP to compare the two. Science still DON’T know what the spirit of religion KNOWS, neither can it fathom, science has only discovered less than 2% of what the spirit knows.

    The spirit of religion is limitless. It is a waste of time trying to compare WHAT CAN BE MEASURED WITH WHAT CAN’T BE MEASURED. You can’t measure spirituality scientifically.
    Science is science because it can be measured.

    In fact, it is the spirit in man that enables scientist to invent profound technologies. I may be forced to say science is also an aspect of religion?.God gave us science because of our limited understanding but preserved the spirit of religion as a mystery. That’s the only way we can reverence ‘ him’ as God.

    Science will forever grope to grasp what the spirit KNOWS. Applauding science without revering TRUE RELEGION equals blasphemy. That is why an atheist will still shout OH MY GOD!

    Charles Olaleye

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      Bruce Gerencser

      “That is why an atheist will still shout OH MY GOD!”

      Yep, cuz the sex is awesome. 🙂

      Pack up your science stealing deity and keep on moving. You will not find a welcoming audience here.

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      Brian Vanderlip

      “…I may be forced to say science is also an aspect of religion…”
      Well, yes, you might as well because you have so little critical ability surviving your ‘faith’ that it is all the same to you: Capital letters GOD plastered all over the world. See that tree? GOD! See that ant? GOD! See my brain completely give up on trying to discern anything? GOD!
      You just stay away from Mr. Gerencser when he is having sex, sir! My GOD! Have you no decency?

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      Charles, religion gets more things wrong than it gets right — and once it gets them wrong, it often refuses to correct itself.

      Science, on the other hand, is always looking for opportunities to improve theories and obtain more precise data.

      “The Spirit” is undetectable, uncontrollable, and almost certainly wholly imaginary. Its only benefit is that it serves as a placebo for people who can’t find meaning in their lives without a pretend divine friend to call the shots for them.

      Stop giving your mythology credit for the hard work of sciences. That’s tantamount to intellectual property theft, as well as being insufferably rude.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    It is April 4th and New York is on the edge of medical collapse. God says (from the White House) that He knows about pandemic and it is very serious and the States should not expect the Feds to back them up because they have somehow missed the boat. He looks down from above and blames the fallen. New York is doubling its death toll by the day now it seems and is overwhelmed. God refuses to order Americans to stay home and will not do it until it is far too late… In fact, it is almost a certainty that major cities across the country will follow the New York debacle. God is a narcissistic idiot with so many dumbed down evangelicals at his feet that the Charles Olaleye’s hug each other in joy while infecting each other with Covid-19… and all the while praising the baby-Christian using them as pawns. How different is God than the preachers who command people to attend church on Sundays in pandemic.. God, Trump, preacher, all miserable duds. Stay home America. Do not listen to your God, your president or your preacher. Please listen to Science and live to tell about it. What a fucking disaster that is only in a first wave…

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Bruce Gerencser