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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Condom Use Can Cause Cancer

lori and ken alexander

Ken and I are reading through Romans together and we were reading about those who reject God and one of them was “inventors of evil things” and birth control popped into my head.


The pill stops a normal bodily function, can cause breast cancer, can abort babies, is polluting our water {with large amounts of estrogen which is deforming frogs and causing all kinds of other problems}, can cause infertility in women, allows sexual promiscuity without having to worry about having children, eventually led to abortion {if you develop the mind set of when and if you should have children, you can kill them in the womb if they are an inconvenience}, led China to a one-child policy which has led to the drowning of baby girls, the spermicides used in diaphragms and condoms have dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer, takes all trust away from God providing and deciding when and how many children.  Once birth control entered America, it became a slippery slope down to the devaluing of life.

— Lori Alexander, Do You Believe In Birth Control? March 25, 2011


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    Sometimes when reading what Lori (or others like her) says make me feel kind of sorry for her. It must be painful to be that stiff/rigidly controlled. My pity is tempered by my anger that it’s not about her husband’s/god’s control of her, it’s about controlling me and mine. It isn’t enough for her to do what her god wants, she wants me to do it, too. She wants to control everyone’s lives. She wants all of us to worship and think her way. And that pisses me off. Causes me to be less-charitable than I might otherwise be.

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    What the hell could it possibly benefit this woman for an atheist like me to give birth to a bunch of kids when my husband and I decided that 2 kids were plenty?

    Why do evangelicals want to force more women to give birth to more human beings that they believe are born destined for eternal torture in an afterlife if they aren’t born into a place where they can hear and choose to believe the “right” theology? (Surpriingly, someone I grew up with posted that very question in a Facebook discussion she was having with another pro-lufe friend – she is pro-life but said that point really tortures her).

    Lori’s ignorance is appalling too….

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    Ah, Lori and the “evils” of the Pill. Contraception and abortion have been around forever. The Pill does not cause breast cancer, nor does abortion and all forms of contraception are safer than pregnancy. Condoms don’t cause cancer at all. but help prevent it by helping stop the spread of human papilloma virus and HIV (some cancers are more common in HIV+ individuals). The One Child policy had some bad consequences like there being a large imbalance in the sexes in China currently, but infanticide and child abandonment did not start with the One Child policy and it’s not and never has been limited to China. It’s age old, as well.

    If you want to talk about devaluing life, how about the suggestion this year by the lieutenant governor of Texas about us old folks can just go ahead and get COVID-19 and die already? How about the folks that won’t wear a mask or practice physical distancing as it’s inconvenient or they believe it’s some liberal plot? How many of them claim to be Christian, especially evangelical?

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    davey crockett

    The statement that one should leave the size of one’s family to god leaves me laughing till my cheeks hurt. After all, it takes sex and I cannot recall one verse in the bible that commands people to practice it, let alone for procreation. So how does god get in the picture of their imagination??

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    Charles S. Oaxpatu

    I understand a little bit of Lori’s attitude toward birth control. Once upon a time, I made a comment on her blog, and she returned a nasty note response saying that it was the goal of Christian Fundamentalists to win their fight against the Mainline Christian churches by numerically “outbreeding” their members. Lori is (perhaps) not so much against birth control per se as she is for breeding a Christian Fundamentalist army to destroy the rest of Christian America—or maybe even the rest of the Christian world outside of fundie circles. I think this woman is just plain crazy.

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