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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: John Piper Says Homosexuality Disgusts Him

john piper

I am not interested in making common cause with non-Christians in my disapproval of the celebration of homosexual desires or acts. The reason is that truly Christian disapproval of sin is rooted in, sustained by, and aimed at spectacular realities for which non-Christians have no taste.


But homosexual desires are also unlike other sins. Paul calls them “dishonorable passions” because they involve “[exchanging] natural relations for those that are contrary to nature” (Romans 1:26). Homosexual desires are different because of the way they contradict what nature teaches. I think this may be seen most clearly if we reflect on the question, What is the moral significance of the emotion of revulsion at the act of sodomy?

I’m using the word sodomy not as equivalent to homosexuality, but as emblematic of the kinds of practices involved in homosexual relations — in this case, a man’s insertion of the organ through which life is meant to enter a woman, into the organ through which waste is meant to leave a man.


There is a natural fitness in revulsion at sodomy. In sexual relations, the penis was not made for the anus. It was made for the vagina. In sodomy, the distortion of that natural use is so flagrant as not to be a mere diversion of the male sex organ from its natural use, but a perversion of it. Revulsion is the emotional counterpart to that linguistic reality.


The natural fitness of revulsion at sodomy corresponds to our visceral reaction at the cowardly man, the callous mother, and the dehumanized miser. It is fitting to feel a visceral aversion to these distortions of natural good. To look on such detestable manhood and such repugnant motherhood and such dehumanizing greed, and feel neutral, is not a sign of moral health. Neither is indifference to sodomy, or its celebration.


We disapprove of homosexuality to the glory of God by assessing right and wrong by his word. We disapprove to the glory of God by honoring the way he designed the natural sexual functions of the human body. We disapprove to the glory of God by standing ever ready with eagerness to forgive as he mercifully forgave us. We disapprove to the glory of God by longing and praying for the everlasting good and Christ-exalting joy of all those whose desires and practices we disapprove of. We disapprove to the glory of God by being willing to sacrifice for others to show that God himself is a greater reward than all self-exaltation or vengeance.

— John Piper, Desiring God, Not Cock, A Peculiar Disapproval of Gay Pride, June 22, 2021

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    Right, because we know that it’s all about the sex. Just give in to those overwhelming perverted passions and makes yourself god so you can indulge in vile, evil, godless practices that the world glorifies.

    Oh..wait…it’s the Christians that always focus heavily on sex. Why are Christians so hung up on sex?? And why do Christians have a special, visceral, all consuming hatred of gay/lesbian/bi/trans people??? I don’t understand the obsession.

    Which kind of reminds me of a story I read somewhere – something about a speck of dust and a plank…maybe you read it too?

    So, Johnny dearest, maybe focus that Christian world you speak of so proudly, and hold them accountable for all the assaults on minors, and for the manipulation of vulnerable people, and the constant affairs with men and women, and theft of church funds, and running scams on church members for personal gain, and all of the other truly perverted ( not to mention illegal) activities that churches cover up regularly.

    But then again, I guess as long as Christians keep refusing to make cakes for gay weddings, and don’t send parentless children to live with gays, then god will understand. That sort of grandstanding….er…standing for moral value is far more important.

  2. Avatar

    So…cock doesn’t go in anus? I guess that means a blow job is fine and non-homosexual between 2 guys? Piper is also missing lesbian sex but sure, focus heavily on the male member. That does seem a bit repressed on Piper’s part, though.

    • Avatar
      Charles S. Oaxpatu

      I bet Piper would get hot and hard watching two girls going at it. Just saying!!! That is why he focused on the males only. I guess women should shut up and be invisible in church—and equally quiet and invisible when it comes to lesbian sex. Any way you shake it, the women always lose in Fundieland.

  3. Avatar

    While he complains about what other men do in private, I wish he would shut up as his ass isn’t the only place spewing shit. I’d tell him that its starting to stink up the place but with that end of christianity, it wouldn’t matter anyway. That being said, I have some gay legos if needs to work through some issues😁.

  4. Avatar

    I’ll picture ol’ Piper’s pecker next time Dennis and I are having a little fun. Not sure it’ll be much of a turn on but you know what they say: when two or three are gathered on my name there I’ll be.

  5. Avatar

    I’ll bet Piper and other pastors like him sit with raging woodys when they watch their ‘religious pornography’…ya know, such as filmmakers depictions of souls suffering various torments in their beloved hell!!-

  6. Avatar

    At least if God was an electrical engineer I wouldn’t give him much glory, after all every engineer knows to idiot proof your connections. I’m joking a bit, but seriously, certain flowers are “designed” so they don’t pollenate themselves, if the Grand Ol’ Designer didn’t want the penis to go in the poop chute He could have created yet another inelegant design to prevent it.

    • Avatar

      YEAH…..I think I would be cryin’ many, many tears too if I believed in, and was basing my entire life upon the VILE MONSTER Moody did!!-

    • Avatar

      I did not know he was Pipers son. I’ve been watching him for quite a while. To be fair, his content is much more than just attacks on Christianity. Of course the Christians only focus on that and not on the other good he does with his content.

      Also, that last article you posted…wow. Once again, let’s blame the LGBTQ community for causing people to turn from god. Maybe these great christians need to look inward, not outward, and worry about their own lives, and leave us to live ours

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