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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Women Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote

Women come unglued when I try to convince them that giving women the right to vote has been so destructive to this nation. They try to convince me that they are Christian Conservatives, so it’s great for them to vote! Look at the big picture, women! Women overwhelmingly vote Democrat. There would have been few Democrat Presidents if any elected if women didn’t vote! Women vote for abortion and large government. These are both highly damaging to our nation. Men tend to see the big picture far better than women do. They see the damage that big government has done and is doing to this nation. THIS is the big picture!

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Look at the Big Picture, Women, March 11, 2022


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Why doesn’t he just come out and say that Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to vote? That is what is really getting his goat.

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    I can list several countries where she can go where women cant vote. They all seem to be bastions of freedom and liberty🙄

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    Why does this woman despise women so much? She seems to actually desire oppression. She needs a top-notch therapist.

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    John Arthur

    Lori Alexander’s rant against women voting is ludicrous. My late wife voted for the Australian Labor Party which is to the left of the Democratic Party of the USA. She was also a Christian. She was always thoughtful when voting and sought to vote for the natural common good.

    Abortion should be available for women who choose to have one. Fundamentalists, like Lori, want abortion outlawed. This would drive it underground and increase the risks of death as a result of some unqualified persons performing backyard abortions.

    If people like Lori are opposed to abortion , why don’t they argue for voluntary reductions ( like Jim Wallis of the Sojourners Community)?

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Bruce Gerencser