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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Daniel Mann Says He Has Never Heard Anyone in Church Speak Contemptuously of Transgender People

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Instead, we [Christians] are trying to save them and to love even the adult trans-person, as our Christian duty requires of us. Consequently, I have never heard anyone in church speaking contemptuously of them—just the self-destructive choice they had made. [Mann, evidently, is deaf.]


In light of these findings and the participation of trans males in violent groups like Antifa, it is nothing short of criminal incitement to promote transgenderism, especially in view of the availability of better alternatives.

— Daniel Mann, Mann’s Word, WILL THE REAL HATER PLEASE STAND UP, March 31, 2023


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Yes I am glad when the real hateful bigots and nazi supporting christo facists actually do stand up and loudly proclaim their disgusting hate for all to see.

    I went to the site and read the article. The first thing I saw was a picture from a German concentration camp. I do not throw around the Nazi tag lightly, but this person is obviously proud to display their association to Nazi genocide. Having seen that sign, I knew exactly what his post would say, and I was not wrong.

    In typical fashion of a modern lover of Nazism, building on all they were taught by hitler and his boot licking cronies, this Mann mixes religion and his view of what is proper with claims of love, and concern, and so much pain for the suffering of others, with a goal to create a nice pretty story that claims to only want to help. Those poor transgenders are so confused, so messed up by radical ideology, so indoctrinated by the left, or teachers, or other students, or drag queens, or whatever is the next target of these fear-mongering facists. But Mann and people like him are here to help, and here to be the savior of those poor trans confused people.

    In other words, he has grabbed his cow dung, put it in a tray, and covered it in whipped cream to offer up as a nice pastry. The thing is, You can dress it up however you want, but it is still a pile of shit.

    I said it before, this person who killed 6 people in a school is a disgusting vile person who selfishly chose to murder innocent people. That person is a murderer and deserves to be remembered only in that way. I don’t give one fuck about a persons gender, sexual preference, religion, politics or by other category once they have killed people, especially children. Throw them on the dung heap with other such murderers and leave them nameless for eternity. They deserve nothing more. The fact that the were transgender is irrelevant either as a cause or as an excuse.

    Mann, like all of the others who pretend to care, are the true danger to trans and gender nonconrfming people. They use guilt, shame, fear, and feigned love to harangue, manipulate, and if need be, force trans people into submission. Their end goal is to eradicate and eliminate. The Nazi death camp sign was no mistake. It is a dog whistle and it is a warning. It clearly means one must comply or one must suffer terribly.

    Yes, trans people suffer in many ways and their mental health is challenged, Gender reassignment can help ease suffering and reduce risk of suicide, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Many trans and non-binary people still have high risk of suicide.

    I personally call it the darkness that chases me. I have many ways to keep this darkness in the distance, but there have been times in the past that it has been right beside me. I am a “not young”, seasoned, hard edged, tough skinned, in your face, bitchy non binary person, who has dealt with many challenges, but that darkness still chases me and has moved much closer than it has been for quite some time. The current times have made things immeasurably hard. This means many are suffering, and if the darkness has managed to move closer to me, then I know that others have the darkness right beside them

    And people like Mann, all caring and loving and concerned, are the cause of much of the pain, suffering, emotional trauma, physical danger, and hatred faced by the trans community. They want to make trans people hide in the darkest part of the cave where they can be locked away and forgotten, or failing that, eradicat them. The preference, of course, is that trans people self eradicate, but failing that, perhaps laws, and open threats, and physical confrontation will help. Then, if all else fails and some of us are still here openly living our lives, well…there is always the option that the Nazi sign in his post represents


    All hidden in nice sounding words, but genocide all the same. But Mann and his ilk won’t start with the Sage’s of the world who are to strong. Instead start with the weak and the children. Build your campaign of hate dressed in flowery rhetoric. Throw in some fear mongering. Make cis people be fearful and convinced that someone is after them and their kids and their friends. Keep that goal hidden until you have people on your side. Radicalize them to hate trans people by using a propaganda campaign to create a non existent trans movement to radicalize the youth. Find ways to fracture groups who have supported trans people. Then, when you have the people standing with you, start the plan that will finally solve the problem.

    Trans people need to know they are not alone and there are people who will defend them. The younger trans people need to see that no matter what, we can survive and have survived and are flourishing. The hatred exists because others now have to face the fact that we exist and are demanding our equality and our right to exist be respected. Being trans or non binary or gender non conforming can be very lonely, which makes it very scary. But I want trans people to know they are not alone, and they can find support and can endure. Our community has always been here, has always supported, has always endured, and will always exist.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    I went over to Mann’s site and left a comment there. It will be interesting to see if it’s actually published. I left some factoids about Nazi doctrine on there. I have relatives who were in the Soviet Red Army, who were in battle with the Germans. Some died in that war. Hitler often stated that we were subhumans, because of our Mongolian ancestry. He planned to depopulate Eurasia and replace us with Germans, with free land. His mistake was attacking in winter. He lost the war because of that campaign. I bring this up now, because of present- day parachurch organizations promoting Nazi ideology in many groups. What I said NOT know until a few years ago, was that the Nazis government got their genocide plans from observation of how the colonists and settlers systematically wiped out, enslaved the Native Americans here ! The camps, everything ,was based on tactics by those historical heroes in America’s past. One can look this up. I suspect that Hale was abused physically and sexually at that school she attacked. No way does this fact justify what Hale did. Hale could have sued those who were perps. Leave kids and non- involved adults out of that vengeance path,then. This church has a sex abuse scandal history you can look up for yourself. Cops should go after John Perry,for starters. He was excommunicated,but never prosecuted ! He’s also a co- author for many famous Christian leaders. Wow ! Who knew ! There’s a can of worms for sure right there. Austin Davis, tried to sue them. The local cops backed this church. The whole thing there is just so twisted. It explains a lot. Children suffered. Whistleblowers did too !

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Your comment was spot on, Sage. Yeah, Nazi ideology is popular among certain Christian groups, especially in the South and the mountain states, like Idaho and Washington. Ick ! The warrior cop mentality also embraces Nazi thinking among many officers. We’ve had record amounts of recent police shootings of those who had no guns. One wouldn’t think a so- called liberal state like Cali would have this going on. The police scare me as much as the thugs do. I know some good cops, even so, I avoid both camps ‘ religiously.’ You would not believe how they treat homeless people ! I’ve seen and reported some real #&$@.🤮🤮

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    Barbara L. Jackson

    Sage is correct. These christians think they are beings above everybody else and the rest of us should be killed.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Surprise, surprise , Mann did NOT delete my comment on his site. I wanted him to know the fact that the Nazis got their genocide ideas from America itself. If you’re going to use Nazis as an example, then you should know just HOW they did what they did.

  6. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    Hale’s parents have behaved in ways that are unusual for people in their particular dilemma. The father Ronald Hale,only says,” No comment.” No words of apologies to the families of the dead kids or staff at the school, and the mother Norma Hale, made that one cryptic statement,” I think I lost a daughter today.”. They went into hiding,the house boarded up. And it turns out that the shooter has been feeling suicidal for some time. Leaving behind beloved pets makes no sense. Supposedly,Hale was autistic. The brother,Scott Hale is among the missing, and the media is ignoring the sex scandals regarding this school, during the first decade of 2,000. Being born in 1994, Hale was in 4th and 5th grades during that time, making it around 2004. The cops were like Pastor Bachmann’ s private army, going after anyone complaining about goings- on there. Odd that the manifesto is still under wraps. Something was the ‘ last straw’ for Hale. Even more strange is that Norma Hale is an anti- guns activist ! All the while Hale was collecting guns to use. This transgender thing is only one part of a very mysterious situation. It’s what is NOT being said. It was so creepy to see on CNN that police across the country were ” swelling with pride,” over the quick hunting and killing of Hale. Each detail is crazier and more disturbing than the last. And when someone is wondering about the abuses at the school, documented by the way,with perps still not arrested,running around, no wonder the world says Americans are insane.

  7. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    If anyone is interested in the possibility that the Hale incident may have it’s roots in this church or that school it owns, one of the case numbers is #M2014-COA- R3- CV. At this point, it’s hard to say if Chad Scruggs ever met Hale. I do wonder why no warrants for either John Perry or Greg Laurie were ever filed, and how silence around the victims- several of them, was enforced by both wealthy congregants and the cops,with private security guys. One needs a regular computer for this, because of the PDFS. Phones don’t work for this project. Given the climate politically now, I won’t use my phone for calling the Nashville, TN. P. ask why they allowed sex offenders to dance away freely to molest again- using a payphone for THAT. I hope many people will call them and protest the Good Ole Boy culture that protects abusers. Laura Powell on Twitter is asking the same questions,and it’s bizarre and rather ominous, how conservative commenters are demanding such questions NOT be asked- and coming to the church’s defense. It’s all there,so far a few other bloggers are asking the same thing. Keeping abuse trauma unspoken only leads to destruction,either in suicide, homicide, or in Hale’s case, both. It’s not just a simple case of transgenderism gone wrong, the media there isn’t asking about ” certain things.” Here is the two numbers for that police department- don’t use your own phones please,payphones only,if you ever want to ask about the above. (615)742-7463 and (615)862-7744.

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    MJ Lisbeth

    It took me more than a week to get myself to look at this post

    Of course people won’t speak contemptuously of trans people or anyone else while in church. To use a Freudian term, houses of worship are palaces of the superego: Many churchgoers want to be seen at their “best,” whether in dress or demeanor, while they are in “God’s House.”

    For that matter, plenty of Christians are in favor of war and the death penalty but would never openly espouse those beliefs while bathed in the light of stained glass.

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