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Dr. David Tee Blows a Gasket Over My Latest Post

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Dr. David Tee, whose real name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen, recently blew a gasket over my post Never Underestimate the Power of Jesus. Evidently, this post irritated the Hey-Zeus right out of him; so much so that he wanted to swear at me. Instead, he told me to “shut my hole.” Which hole, Derrick, which hole? 🤣

Here’s what Thiessen had to say. All spelling, grammar, punctuation, and irrationality in the original. Comments in brackets are mine:

We [I] get tired of those people who choose not to believe, refuse to believe,, or have walked away from the Christian faith asserting that Jesus is not real. [I’ve never said that Jesus wasn’t a real person. Thiessen knows this, yet he continues to say otherwise.] If you do not want to believe, then shut your holes. [Which hole, Derrick?] It is not your faith and you have no business sticking your nose into the beliefs and reality of Christianity. [Sure, I do. It’s called public discourse. If it’s wrong for me to write about Christianity, it’s wrong for fake Dr. Tee to write about atheism.]

You have no mandate to ‘expose Christianity’ because everything about the Christian faith and God is already exposed and has been known for 2000 years. [The Canon wasn’t even settled for three centuries. Christianity has always been an evolving religion. Thiessen’s rigid Fundamentalism drives him to irrationally think he believes the exact same things the Apostle Paul did.] You have the freedom to choose, now let those that have chosen to believe the Bible an din Christ enjoy their faith without your unverifiable, unprovable, and unsubstantiated subjective claims. [Who’s keeping anyone from believing anything? No, what Thiessen is afraid of is people learning that he is peddling a lie.]

What put us in this less than tactful mood [or this is why I’m being an asshole] is a post by BG [Bruce Gerencser] who makes those same claims yet refuses to produce one shred of credible, verifiable, provable physical evidence.


Prove that Jesus did not rise from the dead. Just saying that people die and stay dead is not proof or evidence. [Sure, it is. Everyone dies, Jesus included.] It is an assertion that has no basis in reality. [Reality shows everyone dies. No need to make an assertion.] Prove the resurrection is false using science on Jesus’s body, grave, and grave clothes, and not on anyone else. [Please provide the body of Jesus, along with his grave clothes and the location of his grave, and we will do so. Of course, Thiessen can provide none of these things. His evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead? The Bible says so. Color me unimpressed.]

However, we know that Jesus rose from the dead because of the millions of changed lives that have taken place since his resurrection. You do not get those change dives from believing in a dead person who did not rise. [The size of a religion proves nothing. Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism have numbers much larger than Thiessen’s peculiar brand of Christianity. Using Thiessen’s logic, this means these religions are true.]

We have the evidence for his resurrection in those millions of lives, what does BG [Bruce Gerencser] or other atheists have? They need to present their own evidence that Jesus did not change those lives and not simply create some fanciful explanation not supported by real physical evidence. [Thiessen is living proof that Christ does not change lives. So are others just like him who despise and demean anyone who believes differently from them.]


We [I] call BG [Bruce Gerencser] to provide credible, verifiable, and real physical evidence that the accounts talking about Jesus are myths. Just because myths and legends exist, does it mean that those biblical accounts are myths. [The Bible is a book of claims. Until the Thiessens of the world provide empirical evidence for these claims, that all they are — claims.]

BG [Bruce Gerencser] and other atheists cannot just point to secular myths and claim that because these myths exist, the biblical accounts are myths. [I have never done this.] 3Nor can they simply point to the fact science cannot prove those accounts.

Science is not designed to study the supernatural and is disqualified from use. [No one suggested otherwise.] Plus, science cannot determine what really took place in the past because it cannot see into the past to see what did take place. [Thiessen can’t see back to the beginning of time, yet he feels qualified to do so anyway. He wants one set of rules for atheists, and another for himself.]

Come up with something else. [Okay, I think the designated hitter rule should be banned.] The fact that millions of people are believing the same accounts without alterations is proof that the biblical accounts are not myths. Do millions and millions of people believe that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and other superheroes exist? 

They follow the comics but does their belief bring those imaginary characters to life? Do those imaginary characters get involved with real human lives and change them forever while granting them special gifts and paradise to live in when they die? [Again, these are claims for which Thiessen provides no evidence other than “The Bible says so.”

Not one superhero has offered eternal life to anyone who believes they exist.[Fine, I Bruce Almighty offer eternal life to everyone who sends me $1.] Plus, not one superhero has changed one life and rescued humans from sin. However, Jesus has which is why millions of people believe in him. [Why didn’t he change your life, Derrick? Your tree is barren.]

Plus, Jesus does not need anyone to believe in him to exist. He exists even if no one wrote about him. But BG [Bruce Gerencser] and other atheists need to provide the proof that the biblical accounts are myths first. [This is presuppositionalism at its worst. No argument can pierce the ignorance.]


This is head-in-the-sand thinking which does not provide any evidence to their validity. All it does is show the lack of rational and logical thought on the part of BG [Bruce Gerencser] and other atheists. Bring [where should I deliver it?] verifiable and credible physical evidence that there is no evidence supporting the Bible, its instruction, and its historical foundation.


BG [Bruce Gerencser] needs to prove that Jesus was not there during those times [when my in-laws suffered tragedy.]. just because the results were not what BG [Bruce Gerencser] wanted to see does not mean Jesus was not there. [Ah yes, a Jesus who is “there” yet is invisible.] He needs to bring credible, verifiable, and real physical evidence proving Jesus abandoned them and other Christians.


BG [Big Gonads] needs to prove that Jesus is fraudulent. Appealing to other unbelievers is not evidence nor is it proof. Ehrman does not have the truth nor does any unbeliever so what good would reading their books do? Nothing.

BG [Ball Grabber] needs to prove with credible, verifiable physical evidence that Erhman has the truth and Jesus is a fraud. Too many people who have experienced Jesus know better. If he does not have the proof, then his claims are false.

The atheist and other unbelievers have made extraordinary claims about Jesus, God, the Bible, and Christianity thus the onus is on them to provide credible, verifiable, and real physical evidence to show they are correct.

if they do not, then they need to shut up and mind their own business.


BG [Bruce Gerencser] and MM [Ben Berwick] whine and complain about our using those initials and not ‘referencing’ their websites. [Yes, we ask you to follow Internet guidelines for using the material of others. Instead, you steal our content and refuse to properly link to our sites. Seventeen years, Derrick, and you are the only blogger who behaves this way towards me.] But both people have acted in a horrendous manner towards us[me] that they [I] lost our [my] respect for them and their decisions. [And I don’t care. What I wish you would do is move on to someone else to harass and molest. Three years, Derrick, and you are still blogging about me several times a week. I offered to send you a nude picture of me if that would put an end to your unhealthy obsession with me. It’s icky, Dude. I’m not gay. Please stop.]

The above-quoted beliefs of one atheist [Bruce Gerencser[ just make it harder to respect them and their wishes. If they do not like how we [I] do things on OUR [MY] website, they can shut up. [The post Thiessen is upset about has nothing to do with him.] Just like they need to shut up about how bad Christianity and Christians are. [If Thiessen wants atheists to stop pointing out bad Christian behavior, I suggest believers try harder. You know, stop being Assholes for Jesus. I predict Thiessen will write a post defending child molester Robert Morris. Thiessen has yet to meet a child molester he couldn’t defend.]

They have no proof to support their denials and positions so they need to talk about other things, not Christianity. [Okay, let’s talk about penis size.] The last words [You will never say another word?] are to them BRING your verifiable, credible, and real physical evidence, or never say another word about Christianity again. [Sure Derrick, sure.🤣]


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    We [I] get tired of those people who choose not to believe, refuse to believe,, or have walked away from the Christian faith

    “We can contend with the evil that men do in the name of evil, but heaven protect us from evil that they do in the name of good.” —Herodotus

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    Oh brother, another load of stupidity from Tee. Why do I feel compelled to comment every time Tee’s name is mentioned? Probably I need to restore some sense of normality back to my reasoning, lest I sink down one of his countless rabbit holes.

    His whole position is oxymoronic. On the one hand he complains that we must prove that the bible and Jesus isn’t (aren’t) true, whilst at the same time stating that neither are susceptible to the scientific approach. Well Mr Tee, I’m sorry to tell you but ‘proof’ (which requires an accumulation of evidence according to the context required), is by definition scientific. If you assert something for which you have no evidence, then it need not be taken seriously by others, no matter how much you believe it. If you have evidence, and others consider the evidence compelling, then it can progressively be regarded as likely to be true, to a point where to deny it is delusional. Denial of evolution is delusional. Likewise gravity. Likewise germ theory.

    Meanwhile Jesus. No contemporary historian makes reference to him. He finally gets mentioned more than 100 years after his death by Tacitus and Josephus, both in asides, showing that he was regarded as a very unimportant person, if he actually did exist. Yes, the gospels are a form of evidence, but they are anonymous, without reference to eyewitnesses, clearly agenda driven, and so inconsistent as to be totally useless as histories. I am entitled to claim that if Jesus existed and was crucified, that there is no evidence that he came back to life. I am entitled to claim that he did not perform miracles, and nor that he was born of a virgin. If Tee thinks I’m wrong then it is entirely his burden to prove it: I need not utter a single word and my position remains the correct one until others are persuaded that Tee has discharged his burden of proof.

    He can’t.

  3. Avatar

    Bruce, thanks for addressing Tee’s faulty logic. I get tired reading his ridiculous screeds. He repeats the same faulty concepts again and again.

  4. Avatar

    Regarding the millions of changed lives thanks to Jesus- I think of how many of these millions blindly pledge allegiance to Donald Trump and wonder how this is a selling point for the validity of your religion.

  5. Avatar

    You know, when I read his posts, and posts from others like him, I feel like DT isn’t knowledgeable. Many, many of this crowd (far right conservatives, crazed religionists, etc) seem not very intelligent, period. They say/write hateful things, can’t understand connotative language, or pretend they don’t. They fall into all the logical fallacies. Now, not all are dumb. There are some smart people who make bad arguments, but are able to marshal facts and logic so that, while their arguments are specious, it isn’t torture to make out an illiterate opinion.But DT falls into the not-at-all intelligent camp.

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    Ben Berwick

    I considered responding to his posts, but decided he was not worth the time. As far as I am concerned, whenever he addresses ‘MM’ or ‘BG’, he doesn’t mean Bruce Gerencser or Ben Berwick, because let’s face it, he never actually addresses a single word of ours anyway. He is arguing against an imagined version of us, because he is too afraid to argue against us properly, or in an honourable manner.

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    Tee is a one note musician. His arguments always boil down to this: if you can’t prove something does NOT exist then it does. He’s a good with words but not with logic. It’s never possible to prove a negative, “Doc”. Perhaps you can though using your own logic.

  8. Avatar

    Hilarious Bruce, thank you.

    Does this guy know he’s being rolled?
    It seems like he’s becoming increasingly unglued. M

  9. Avatar

    We like it when Christians walk away.

    I love the sun shinin’ through her dress
    I like her better when she walks away
    I love her hair in a tangled mess
    I like her better when she walks away

  10. Avatar

    Is it my imagination, or is DDT losing the plot lately? He used to be just an aloof snot; now he’s doing the blogging equivalent of standing on a street corner and screaming “The space bats are coming!” at the top of his lungs.

    Maybe his first-gen followers in the Philippines have been succumbing to old age and their offspring aren’t interested in playing Happy Jesus Fun Time games with Thiessen.

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    I am starting to work on a new novel. If I created a character that combines breathtaking heights (or depths, depending on your point of view) of illogicality, hypocrisy and obsession with another person—whom he’s never met–nobody would believe it.

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