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Cindy Schaap, Daughter of Jack Hyles, Divorces Convicted Felon Jack Schaap

cindy and jack schaap 30 years of marriage
Cover of book written by Cindy Schaap about her wonderful marriage to Jack Schaap. Cindy is the daughter of Jack Hyles.


As most of you know, Jack Schaap, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana, is serving a 12 year sentence in federal prison for having sexual relations with a minor. (a girl who was a member of the church and Schaap was counseling her)  For more information on Jack Schaap, please read the Chicago Magazine article, Let Us Prey: Big Trouble at First Baptist Church. You can also read the letters Schaap sent to his victim here.

As anyone who spent any time in an IFB church can tell you, divorce is forbidden. The thinking goes…God hates divorce and God intends for marriage to be between one man and one woman for life.  While IFB church members do divorce from time to time, it is not a common occurrence.

For months now, rumors have been flying over the marriage of Cindy Schaap and Jack Schaap. Are they still married? Did they get a divorce?  Well, wonder no more, you who are looking for the latest dirt on the Hyles/Schaap crime family. According to a document sent to me today, on May 28, 2014, Cindy Schaap was granted a divorce from Jack Schaap.


cindy schaap divorce

cindy schaap divorce pg 2

Let me be clear, I have no problem with Cindy Schaap divorcing her husband. No one should be forced to remain married to someone they no longer want to be married to. Whatever her reasons, it is her decision, end of story. What interests me is how her divorce will be “explained” within the Kingdom of Jack Hyles and the broader IFB church movement.

Later this week, I plan to write a post about marriage and divorce and how IFB churches handle divorce.


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    The Chicago article was very interesting to me. It really showed me the origin of the IFB and also why IFB has all the same flavor to it, despite they eponymous “independence”.

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    I am so glad she is divorced from that cad. Now, if she can divorce herself from that whole cultish hell… Oh, I hope she can.

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    It had to be very hard for Cindy to go through this horrible experience, losing the church where she was raised, feeling as if she betrayed it and her dad and she did not, and losing her husband and the love of her life. My heart goes out to her and her family and my prayers are that she can put all of this behind her, move forward and have a happy and bright future. I know her heavenly Father loves her and is caring for her and that she is finding comfort in Him.

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    Wylma Harmon

    It’s sad when divorce happens. I belong to an IFB church but I don’t go along with them lock, stock and barrel.I read other translations.But I just want to say thank you because I believe there is a cult of Jack Hyles. He’s mentioned in the same breath at times with God.

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    Divorce is not forbidden, actually scripture makes parameters of when divorce is acceptable and one includes adultery. I don’t blame her for divorcing him – he shamed the vows he made and he shamed the trust she had in him. I pray for her and the rest of the Schaap family that they can reach peace and retain their faith.

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    I too belong to an IFB church, and went through a divorce myself several years ago. Yes, it is frowned on in that we shouldn’t take our marriage lightly or the ending of it. The scriptures are clear on when a divorce is acceptable, Biblical grounds if you will. Mine fell under this area, and I have since remarried. I’m still a very active member of my church, in fact I work on staff as a full time secretary. I was never asked to resign nor leave the church, my church family supported me and encouraged me throughout my difficult journey.

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    It seems like I’d heard a few months back that Cindy had found a good home in a good church in the area, not FBC. I think maybe she and Linda have been through enough at FBC. I briefly attended HAC in the late 80s and attended FBC many times when Schaap was a teacher and counselor there. It was a bit cultish, in retrospect. I saw things in Schaap that I did not add up until later that now make complete sense. Having a better understanding of what went down there now than then, I am happy for Cindy. What a mess.

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    Divorce is not “forbidden” in IFB churches. The Bible is clear that divorce is permitted for adultery. Which Schaap is guilty of. Please stop lying about IFB churches. Remember, you will be held accountable for every word….

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Nice try. Divorce is forbidden in many IFB churches. The Bible is not at all clear about when a divorce is permitted and when it is not. According to your personal interpretation, divorce because of adultery is permitted. Other IFB Christians and pastors think differently. Put 100 IFB preachers in a room and you’ll end up with numerous opinions about marriage, separation, and divorce, with each person believing that their interpretation of the Bible is “clear”.

      So, please show me where I have said one lie about IFB churches. You do know that a differing opinion is not a lie, right? I suspect I’ve attended and preached at a lot more IFB churches than you have. I also suspect that I know a hell of a lot more IFB preachers than you do. My writing about the IFB church is not mere opinion. I know what I’m talking about. You can either accept that, or not, but it doesn’t change the fact that I know, based on a lifetime of experience, what I am talking about.

      You do know I’m an atheist, right? Threatening me with future accountability before a fictitious God really has no effect on me. I fear my wife far more than I do “God”.

      If you’d like to talk about my story and the IFB church, please let me know. I’m more than willing to do so.

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        Mr Bruce I have one question for you… why are you so bitter ? You obviously have joined into the sconer realm. Hope you can come up with some good biblical forgiveness for others and yourself

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            Since when is being board certified any indication of competence? And regarding bitterness, it is a blessed thing, ever so human and real and important and necessary. Shaming and blaming are not necessary but far more a part of Baptist churches… hmm, I wonder if repressing bitterness and other human feelings releases the need to shame and blame. Do you know a competent doctor I could chat with about that?

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          What’s wrong with being bitter tim? (Not saying Bruce is bitter.) I see you are a psychologist. Wouldn’t your method here be one of shutting down conversation rather than opening it up? Sitting across from you in a session, I would ask you why you are so quick to jump to the bitterness conclusion.

          If one is bitter could that not be a stepping stone on the road to healing and recovery. For those who have been abused, if they weren’t bitter I’d wonder if they were truly in touch with their own emotions. Why come at them with an accusing tone and shut down conversation? So what if they are bitter. Let them be bitter. Let them talk about why they are bitter? You sound like you’d shut down the conversation before it even began. Seems odd to me that as a psychologist you’d sound so judgemental.

          Are you a Christian psychologist? You mention biblical forgiveness. Can forgiveness only arise out of a biblical mindset?

          Most of us have heard the “you are bitter” commentary/judgment many many times. Did you think you’d be the first to bring that to our consciousness?

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        Well i think all Baptist church on indiana should accept. LGBTG community in there church there nothing wrong about gay people at all if gay people want to join a Baptist church without being denied. Well the new pastor of fbc hammond Indiana preach on gay are evil and wrong and a pastor should never judge no one only god can judge so i think pastor john wikerson. Should be fired or resign fron being pastor at fbc hammond

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        Bruce I can speak from personal experience on this one. I was married to a Pastor’s Daughter for nearly seven years. My ex father in law taught the young married class. He was one that taught that not even adultery was cause for divorce. Yet not once during our divorce did he reach out and try to reconcile us. In fact he told my ex that “he didn’t want to get involved.” That didn’t stop him MANY times before. I am convinced that most preacher practice “situation ethics.” Especially if there were Bible Colleges attached to their churches. I know a lot of my fellow Bible College students would have loved to receive the grace that some preachers I know get. And yet for some odd reason I am still a believer…

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    Could it be they divorced because it allowed them to put all their assets in her name only and protect them financially from pending litigation?

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    Mat 19:9 seems to have clearly made exceptions in the case of marriage infidelity.
    “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”
    No matter how you interpret it, there is indeed a “wiggle” room here.

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      Interpretation of that verse varies, both fornication and adultery are sexual immorality. Either way, Cindy Schaap has every right to divorce and I wish her and her family well.

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    Yet dont forget this, pray for the one who is in prison also, for Jesus tells us
    this. I was in prision and you visted me not. Pray for the family and pray for the victims in this. Also pray for rhe one who sits behind bars. For Jesus would have it this way.

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      Is this prison thing a comment on marriage??? If so, then I commend your sense of layered humor, ANONYMOUS in caps. I think I actually get it! And the pray for one that sits behind bars! That’s the bartender, right? Wow.

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      Bruce Gerencser


      Do you seriously think that your peculiar interpretations of the King James Bible are from God and are not your personal private conclusions about the text? I hope you will really think hard about this question.


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    Juju Bees

    What nobody is pointing out is the Cindy Schaap was gone ALL the time. Her husband Jack was gone ALL the time. Who was meeting their needs? Yes, Jack fell – and is disgustingly gross – but his wife did not help the situation. She never wanted to go with him – she wanted to book her OWN conferences. Yeah. She writes the book “A Wife’s Purpose” and then divorces Jack when she said she would always stand by him. LOVELY –

    Talk about sin – it’s sin on all sides. If he did not want to change – fine – divorce him – but know this, Cindy was just as responsible for her lack of wanting to be Jack’s “wife” in every sense of the word. Just sayin!

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        Juju Bees

        Oh yes – she is. Believe me – it takes two.. .and if you don’t believe that, then I have a brooklyn bridge to sell you!

        He was not keeping her happy, and she was not keeping him happy. It was his OWN fault for having sex with another woman (especially a teenager) but where was Cindy when he was “counselling” this girl? A pastor’s wife, not included in her husband’s counselling of any “female” should be taboo!

        So yes – she is to blame and he is to blame. A marriage is a “partnership.” He sinned and he got what he deserved!!!!! So now she is compounding the sin by the divorce?? REally?? She didn’t try to work it out with him? She didn’t try to find out if he needed spiritual counselling, etc? Did she even ask him if he still wanted to be married to her? If not – then boot his hiney out the door. But did she even “try?”

        Such a mess!

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          Look Juju, why are you called after an African god?

          No matter. You miss the point. Dear Cindy could have been shagging the entire US airforce (though the suggestion is that any transgression on her part was at her husband’s door) but that does not exonerate her husband in any way. He’s a loathsome piece of flotsam who used his position to exploit underage female church members. There’s no excuse for that, and no amount of ‘god’s grace’ or ‘forgiveness’ gets him off the hook.

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            Reminding me of the dumb Canadian judge, now ‘retired’ who snapped at a rape victim: Why couldn’t you just keep your legs closed together?
            Blame and shame go deep and people say ridiculous things, juju, to keep their lids down tight so that they don’t have to face the truth.

        • Avatar

          Juju bees,
          Thie post is old, but I will ask anyway,

          If it takes two, and the woman is partially responsible, what about rape?

          Was it how she dressed, In places in the Middle East women and girls are raped all the time, and they have to wear burquas

          Jack shapps victim was underage, and he was way older and in a major spiritual position of influence as her pastor, and he took advantage of her,

          As far As the former mrs schaap, jack schaap got into major trouble in prison for some sick public stuff he tried to do with a female visitor, it see,w that it was his wife he did this too, In front of everyone.

          Jack schaap was a total pervert long before he messed around with this underage kid, just look at his sermon about on the polished shaft, and read his books on marrige, pretty blasphemous stuff of a sexual nature,

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    Gene S.

    Bruce, I feel I must challenge your exasperation, Men who are ‘driven’ to the level of ‘high leadership’ that Schapp achieved usually have extreme sexual drives. The 1st Jack was a case in point, if you believe the ‘back door’ rumors. The nonsense of ‘celestial marriage’ they postulated, giving them a ‘get out of jail free card’ from their marital responsibilities is a desperate mental / spiritual gymnastic that comes from someone delusional and probably not in a fulfilling marriage relationship. On another point – I’m curious about what circumstances led you to cast off your fundamental beliefs and cast yourself into the agnostic arena. You are an intelligent man, and I can respect your view points with the hope that I can counter your arguments with intelligent, spiritual reasoning. If not for you, but for the next person who may tread the path you went through. I am a HAC graduate and at a place where I don’t cast accusations, only look for valid, responsible answers.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Please read the After doing so, if you have any questions I will gladly answer them.

      Do you have empirical evidence for your claim that Jack Schaap, Jack Hyles (David Hyles, Bob Gray?) have extreme sex drives? What exactly is “extreme” sex drive? Is this “extreme” sex drive justification for Schaap’s criminal behavior? Are you saying this is a mitigating factor?

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    Why do as humans insist on feeding on other people’s garbage? Don’t we have enough things to worry about in our own lives? Or is that why we look at other people’s garbage so we don’t have to see our own?

    I see nothing on this page that would help anyone be a better person. It makes me so sad.

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      John Arthur

      Hi Renewed Hope,

      Are Christian pastors meant have sex with a minor? Don’t these pastors preach against this sort of thing (Of course they do)? shouldn’t congregations be warned when these things happen and the church tries to cover it up? IFB churches seem to be involved in scandals (far too often) and shouldn’t the hypocrisy of the leadership be exposed?

      When churches take the high moral ground, shouldn’t their failings be exposed? After all, don’t they have the Holy Spirit living in them? Can’t the Holy Spirit protect them from these practices? Isn’t the fruit of the Spirit love, joy and peace etc.? Doesn’t love do no wrong to one’s neighbour? So does love commit sex with a minor?

      Don’t attempts at cover ups by conservative churches to whitewash such practices, mean that people who are interested in human welfare, like Bruce, have every right to expose them. And why is it that often such practices are only admitted by these authoritarian Fundamentalist churches, once these evils are exposed? I suggest you have a close look at the website called “Stop the Baptist predators”.


      John Arthur

    • Avatar

      Reading comprehension not high on your skillset, Dskills etc,?

      Only one party is shown as a resident of NC; the other is shown to be a resident of Boyd County, KY.

      The plaintiff established residency in NC, which is what is required in legal matters, before filing for divorce in her state of residence.

      What difference does it make which state she is living in or that she has moved to a different city in another state from where her father established his corporation?

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    IBF huh? Why did you decide to use an acronym to lump all Independent Churches in one group. You know that they are not the Southern Baptists or Catholics or LDS, you know that right. I would ask you to make a correction on this moot point you have made. I hope its not intentionally done, just irrationally put together. What are you qualifications to write about all churches views on divorce? Why not look at what the bible says. I will remain you that independent churches operate as a group as they do not often take their doctrine from the declarations of a man, most independent churches, regardless of the denomination operate on those principles. I hope you will understand and correct the inaccuracies contained in what I have read here today. Otherwise you run the risk of providing false information to others which they may use to make a pre concieved judgment. I’m sure you don’t want that on your shoulders.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser


      IFB not IBF.

      IFB=independent Fundamentalist Baptist church movement.

      I am an expert on the IFB church movement.

      I stand by everything I have written on the movement.


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      ” What are you qualifications to write about all churches views on divorce? Why not look at what the bible says. I will remain you that independent churches operate as a group as they do not often take their doctrine from the declarations of a man, most independent churches, regardless of the denomination….”

      Yet more evidence of the totally inconsistent and, much of the time, incomprehensible nature of ‘the bible’. When will people stop saying ‘look at what the bible says’? What they really mean is ‘look at what I want the bible to appear to be suggesting’.

      There are some 42000 Christian denominations. Each one insists it is right, and only it. The bible teaches you to hate gays, but also teaches that homosexuality is fine. It says nothing about abortion, yet abortion is almost universally opposed. In short, it is of no assistance in offering even the faintest guidance to our modern day to day existence. Bruce was up to his neck in this for decades, pastoring numerous churches. So his opinion is hardly one to be dismissed lightly.

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    I went to Hammond Baptist High School with Cindy, she was nice, but this was a cult church! Feel free to email me if you want more info, not gossip, just truth.

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    Morris Westmoreland

    You dare willfully sin and advocating against the faith of little ones? If you truly received the knowledge of the truth, then there remains no more sacrifice for your sins. You can certainly look with great fear of judgment and fiery indignation because you have trodden under foot the Son of God, and counted the blood of the covenant as an unholy thing. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Prepare for the Devil and his angels!

    • Avatar

      Bring it on, Morris the Hateful servant! You have not one iota, one speck of proof for even the existence of your Hateful Boss. Your love of condemning others is more proof of him though, I guess, because simple humans don’t get such a kick from pontification in Hate! He taught you well.
      Aw shucks, let me play too? Almighty and everlasting humanity will thrust you into eternal suffering, the final judgement deemed worthy for your Doublespeak ‘Love’. You will feel the crushing great weight of humanity as she walks over you now and forever, as the minions of miracles crush your loved ones with Humanity’s Judgement, the plagues of comeuppance, the horrors of your ways! Unholy and delusional thou art and shall suffer, oh yes, suffer beyond your wildest fears…
      (Wow, this is kinda fun…reminds me of childhood!)
      Never fear Morris, jus’ kiddin’ ya, ya dingwilly wobbler… Have you always been like this, did they get you young like they got me?

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        This genius has strung a bunch of Bible verses together, using them to threaten me with God, judgment, and Hell. Like all Evangelical zealots, he fails to understand that the Bible has no power/authority over people who do not believe it is some sort of divine text or magic book. He might as well as strung together various sentences from one of the Harry Potter books as to do the same with the Bible.

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    Bill Miller

    It’s a shame we don’t put to death adulterous men like they did in the Old Testament, then Cindy wouldn’t have to go through a divorce, she would be a widow and could remarry on her own accord.

  20. Avatar

    i was there also between 1986-88 and always though Jack Schaap was a pervert and was just waiting for the chance to take over FBC when Dr. Hyles passed away. The things Jack S. would say and his childish sayings and layghs

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    Glen Odem

    Mr Bruce truth is truth regardless of whether we believe it or not. Believing or not believing the truth only effects our lives and those we influence. Two plus two is four, whether we believe it or not. But not believing it can have a significant impact on our lives. Jesus walked on the shores of Galilee, he healed the sick and raised the dead. Those are facts, and us not believing them does not make them any less true. Jesus lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried in a borrowed tomb, and rose again the third day and whether we believe it or not doesn’t change it from being a reality. But not believing it can have a significant impact on your life in this world and in eternity to come. You are probably a better man than I am morally. In fact, I’d say quite better because I know me! But there was a point in time when I realized I was lost and in sin. Not sin according to me or you or any other man but according to our Creator, and I accepted the payment that was made for my sins by Jesus when he shed his perfect blood for me. Now, that still doesn’t make me better than you or possibly anyone else for that matter, but it does make me justified in His sight, and that is what matters. Now I no longer enjoy those old ways and I do try to do better. But my relationship is not dependent upon my performance as a son it is dependent upon Him. However, my fellowship can be strained, but just like my relationship with my earthly parents cannot be undone my relationship with my heavenly Father is unchanging. I cannot assume to know the condition of any man’s heart. So, whether or not this man is born again or not I do not know. I do know he was in sin, and it doesn’t appear he had remorse for it. But I have enough of my own troubles to keep me busy rather than condemning him. His actions speak for themselves. But I would say this to anyone reading this post: they’re bad people that work at WalMart but I’m not going to stop shopping there. If I were going to that church, I would not stop going to church just because of some bad people. So, if this rebirth has happened it cannot unhappen. Many people can say what they are it does not make them what they say. Only God searches the thoughts and intents of the heart. I pray this post is a blessing to someone, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  22. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    So this is partly about Jack Schapp. He does sound like bad news. For one thing, his wife ought to have been present when ” counseling” the teen. Never alone with females, period. He did step out on Cindy, so divorce was an option, and she took it. All over and done with. Jack is doing time for grooming and seducing a minor- Fundies, get over it !

  23. Avatar

    Per quotation of bible verse and the definition of adultery THE JEWS PRACTICED POLYGYNY this is relevant to understanding ADULTERY by the BIBLE definition. IT is relevant today as well. If you think i am a crank Martin luther reached a similar conclusion via his sola scriptura approach as does modern catholic theolgy. THe catholic church has aknowledged that priests did erronously break up polygynous marriages in Africa. Martin Luther out of fear would only supported polygyny in secret but not publicly with Philip of Hesse and Henry the eighth. (Henry preferred to find excuses real or imagined so he could kill wives so as to preserve the sacred cow of monogamy. Monogamy gets women killed to this day, Reverend JACK et al others you may think yourself kind but its like the DEVIL WITH EVE saying you shall not SURELY DIE. HUsbands have repearedly killed their wife to prevent her from taking the children robbing him and blind jealousy. (KIll the prostitute so she dont tell the wife.) and Then wife get everything EVEN NORMALLY MEEK MILD MANNER MALES HAVe gone OJ. over a woman. @ REVEREND Jacks et al your interpretation of Adultery has allready gottent some women killed but its like drunk driving its not a 1 to 1 ratio but it does increase homocides and violence. Male Female sex has been treated by ecclesiasticl and secular authorities in the past as something of a neccessary attractive nuisance issue and a two party crime thing. I know The Bible using a male pronouns can sometimes be interpreted gender neutral but others times it should not be this is one of them. The pronouns are specific).SEE THE WORD WIFE and HUSBAND are both mentioned so this is not the case of a gender neutral application and see the different phrasing and ommision in different passages when it is reversed.. The texrs do not follow some modern ideas of egalatarianism of the sexes. You should not fully invert the parties husband wife. A sentence is a clause but a clause is not neccessarily a sentence.THE JEWS WERE POLYGYNOUS having multiple wives so ADULTERY has never been defined by by God via Jesus Apostles or moses prophets as the failure of a man to be monogamous to one wife. APART FROM SCRIPTURE THE POLYGYNOUS PARADIGM EXISTS IN NATURE (A SCIENTIFIC ARGUMENT FOR POLYGYNY) THERE are of course other PATTERNS AS WELL some of which humans should not emulate (e.g. snakesbal group sexl ) The penalty for a fornicating male is not divorce from his wife it is up tp a compulsory marriage \ with a fine as a bare minimum for fornicating with virgin females. The relevant texrs are phrased in such a way so as to neither allow husbands fathers\males to pimp their own daughters or wives or for women tp whore legalize prostitution any form. Polygyny legal GIGOLO illegal. Money for sex in marriage legal money for sex prostitution illegal. The following statemnt is not gender neutral U do her U marry her and the other girl(s) also /asshole ( some women substitute the word asshole when referring to the other Female). Thhis seems to be pecular behavior to human females when do Females in nature object to thiis.. Women eg LEAH AND RACHEL both have children and want the sex to have children so you do need to protect inheritance rights and women from being discarded or robbed of their portion (money/sex isssues).Now If you wish to object to male polygny as being unequal misogyny and patriarchal and thus not Fair and calling polygny adultery this your objection is not a stance backed up from sacred text nor real science. Modern clergy (even one practiceing an empty ceremonial patriarchay) and state will neither follow sacred text (publicly eg martin Luther ) or science becaause women are adverse to it both my mommy my wifey in my case.The women dont like it It hurts their “feelings.” So the Politician and pasror both will condemn POLYGYNY and label it as ADultery targeting a female audiences to get laid/ paid/ elected,(keep/ get their Job) NOTICE the supreme court that legalized abortion did not legalize polygny for males My body\phallus my choice get your laws of my jingle bells. You can say this is just my opinion and of course resort to bible misinterpation or Fake science to disagree. THERE ARE TEXTS PROSCRIBING POLYGYNY FOR CLERGY but its not the crime of Adulery they are merely disbarred from being clergy. Basic Animal Husbandry says not to mix sexes together unless you want them to breed but for some reason the Dumb masses do it anyways. The Apostle paul know this and said Let older women teach younger women as a male he delegated it out to a woman because he didnt want that thing that happened with BIll Got Hard or polish the shaft Jack.

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