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Hey Girlfriend, Jesus Has Passionate Eyes

Here’s the latest from Paula Hendricks, a writer for the Lies Young Women Believe

Come on girlfriend (please say girlfriend with your best Valley Girl impersonation) , time to abandon all those dreamy-eyed guys you have a crush on and hook up with Jesus. Don’t want to? Fine, then Jesus is going to burn you up with his eyes and send you to hell.


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    I could only make it to the one minute point. Truly bizarre. I guess if someone can win a soul by getting the person to think of Jesus as sexually attractive it still counts.

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    I only watched until she said Jesus had eyes like fire. That woman comes across so weird and all uncomfortable. I was squirming a little. That was so strange. I would never let my daughter watch crap like that.

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    I find it ironic that’s she sits in front of a sign that says “think outside the box”. Also eyes of fire don’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy, mostly just terrified. God has “passionate, probing eyes” that are much better to look at (as if you can physically look at them) than your crush? Uh… no thanks, that actually sounds quite creepy.

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    Jesus as a Manwhore! LMAO! Thanks for pointing out all the uncomfortable crazy that is Paula Hendricks. She’s going to be a favorite at NLQ. She brings the ick factor to the infinity power.

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    Funny….if this were a man she was describing any sane woman would run from him as fast as possible. But when they say it’s Jesus, that makes his creepy ways alright. Strange….

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    Couldn’t make it through the video, but just the title has me thinking of the South Park episode where Cartman forms a Christian band and writes all of his songs by adding Jesus to love songs.

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