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Easter: Fact, Fiction, or a Great Story?

Here’s an infographic by Jericho Brisance ( Matt Barsotti) that accurately reflects the challenges and difficulties facing Bible readers when they attempt to determine exactly what happened on the first Easter Sunday. I appreciate Matt’s hard work in putting this infographic together.

jericho brisance easter chart

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Taking Easter Seriously Infographic by Jericho Brisance (website no longer active)


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    It reminds me of the “centipede’s dilemma”, when asked how he walked, he immediately tripped. Missing here is the 6th way of looking at Easter and it is tack most Christians use. First the myth was introduced at an early age with no reflective thought on it. Secondly the trappings of Easter with Church, stuff for the kids, make up the bulk of the experience of Easter, not compare and contrast the Bible stories. So in short most don’t even bother to think about it. Like the centipede they cluelessly amble on in autopilot and they don’t get tripped up and fall into skepticism.

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    I’m part of a drum forum and 2 topics are to be avoided at all costs; Politics and religion. The moderators will lock a thread if it gets out of hand.
    Well, it didn’t take long for a fundy to derail what started out as a decent nonreligious topic on Easter memories. Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean and how it basically ended what could have been a fun thread:

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      Hey Monty, fancy moderators locking the thread just as it wa getting interesting.

      Funnily enough I developed a lot of my interest in the philosolophical because of a motorcycle forum I’m a member of, and which has an active politics and religion section. Members only, gets very emotional at times, and is mainly American conservatives, whom we Brits wind up something rotten. Even manages to stay largely civilised! Your religious guy on the drum forum would have been destroyed very quickly, but the thread would not have been closed.

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    Yes he would have been destroyed on there by many members. That’s why we don’t have political or religious topics on there. We tried and almost every time it got downright nasty so pretty much everyone thought it was a good idea to avoid those topics. As you can see, some can’t resist even tho they know the rules. Seems Fundies think the rules don’t apply to them when “spreading the gospel”.

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