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Family Research Council Bulletin Insert Promoting Christian One man-One Woman Marriage

The Family Research Council (FRC), part of the hysteria wing of the Republican Party, has published a church bulletin insert (link no longer active) Evangelical churches can use this Sunday to promote Christian heterosexual, one man-one woman marriage. Tony Perkins is the president of FRC and Jerry Boykin is vice president. Need I say more?

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    Appalachian Agnostic

    I have been wondering for some time if people are being encouraged by church leaders to sermonize on social media. This explains a lot.

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      Knoxville Freethinker

      Love your alliterating handle! Though both of our screen names could just as well say “fish out of water.”

      Agreed in your observation on social media. That’s why I heavily curate my social feeds. When I get on Facebook, I want to see and share overly-polished “slices of life” pictures and experiences. I have no desire to discuss politics or religion–even ideas I agree with–with friends and family in a public forum. One on one perhaps, but why venture into a public controversy. Too much to lose in my opinion!

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    So this lot pray to god to help the judges come to a just decision.

    Assuming the judges find in favour of same sex marriage (I hope so), might it not be reasonable for these religious types to think “you know, all the praying we did, god must have heard us. Perhaps he’s telling us same sex marriage is okay after all?”

    Of course this won’t happen. Instead these religious bigots will say they didn’t pray loud enough, or not enough people prayed or whatever. Somehow god only hears your prayer when you get what you want. How about they ask themselves “maybe god did answer but maybe I didn’t like what he was telling me?”

    For the sake of clarity please note this is hypothetical. My belief is that prayer is at least useless, and sometimes harmful.

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    Dear FRC,
    You are forgetting that we gays can influence the weather. (Just ask Pat Robertson.) “Now begone before someone drops a house on you too.”

    snark off (for a change)
    If all they do is pray and bitch, we will be lucky.

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