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Thank you for reading The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. What follows is the May 2015 Blog News.

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Health Update

May 20th, I will have a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Virendra Parikh at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne. Doctors are still baffled by what is causing my lack of appetite, weight loss, changed bowel habits, temperature spikes, and stabbing pain in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen and back. Earlier in the year, I had an endoscopic ultrasound and the colonoscopy is the last diagnostic test for the common reasons for my symptoms. Six months now, $25,000 in tests, and one thing I know for sure…n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

I continue to battle the health problems I’ve had for years. These problems are not going away, but I’d sure wish the gods would pick on someone else for a while. My plate is full, like the buffet plate of a Baptist preacher right after Sunday morning church. Every small problem becomes a crisis because of what is already on my plate. Last time I mentioned a nasty fall I had while trying to take a photograph. I ended up with a nasty wound on my leg that became infected. The good news is that the antibiotic beat back the infection. The bad news is that on the eleventh day of taking the antibiotic I had a reaction to the drug that resulted in three days of incessant scratching. Once I stopped taking the drug the scratching went away. I still have some swelling in the leg. It makes me wonder if I have a small hairline fracture. I had a similar fracture in the late 1990’s.


I still plan to produce some YouTube videos in the near future. I need to carve out a couple of days time to work on this project. I promise, it’s coming soon. If you’s like to subscribe to my channel please do so here.

Songs of Sacrilege Series

Thank you for all the submissions for the Songs of Sacrilege Series. If you come across a song that is irreverent towards religion, makes fun of religion, pokes fun at sincerely held religious beliefs, or challenges the firmly held religious beliefs of others, please leave the name the song in the comment section or send me an email.

Incomplete Series

Over the next few weeks, I plan to tie up the unfinished series that are lacking a post or two. I am easily distracted, THANK YOU Christian fundamentalism, but I need to finish up these series.  It Zeus is willing, the crick don’t rise, and I don’t fall and break my neck, I will do my best to finish these up.

Sacrilegious Humor

I have started a new series titled Sacrilegious Humor. If you come across a comedy bit that is irreverent towards religion, makes fun of religion, pokes fun at sincerely held religious beliefs, or challenges the firmly held religious beliefs of others, please leave the name the song in the comment section or send me an email.


I have asked readers to submit questions they would like me to answer. If you have not yet asked your question, please do so.


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  1. Brian

    You had a song from Book of Mormon recently, but another great song of sacrilege from it is “Hasa Diga Eebowai.”

  2. Becky Wiren

    I hope your doctors find out what is going on. You’ve certainly had a lot of CRAP happen. :/

  3. DarrenB

    All the best to you Bruce with your health issues. Better tomorrow’s for you!

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Thanks, Darren.


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