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I’ve Always Wondered What Bruce Gerencser Looked Like

Yes, this is what it has come to in rural Ohio. *sigh*

Recently, I attended a grandchild’s sporting event and someone asked my son how our last name was pronounced and if he was related to the Gerencser who wrote in the newspaper.

Yes, he’s my Dad.

He sure is opinionated…

All of my children know that they are free to disown me. So far, when put in situations that requires establishing paternity, they have been willing to say the DNA is a match.

The inquisitor in question proceeded to ask if I was at the ballgame and my son said, Yes, he’s over there with the red hat on.

I always wondered what he looked like…

I think local Christians are shocked when they see or meet me. They expect to see

What many local Christians think Bruce Gerencser looks like
Imagine their surprise when they see

bruce gerencser 2015
What Bruce Gerencser really looks likes
Shocking, I know. A political liberal and an atheist that looks like Santa Claus and roots for the Cincinnati Bengals. Little do locals know that under my hat are small, growing horn buds. Just biding my time until Team Satan takes on Team Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon. Until then, what time is the baseball game on?


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    I dunno, rooting for Cincinnati… 🙂

    I’m actually just joking, I don’t follow baseball since my dad died, though we used to watch A’s and Giants’ games together. A couple of years before he died (he was probably 90 or so) some friends talked him into letting them take him to a Giants game at their lovely but hard-to-get-to stadium in San Francisco. I gather it was the highlight of his last decade.

    Which is a long-winded way of saying, following baseball is a pretty mild thing to do. Satan, if he existed, would be utterly disappointed in you.

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    (Wait, according to the IFB, Santa is bad, sigh; so, you’re STILL evil!!)

    After after all, “Santa” is just a little switcheroo from being “Satan!” (Or Stan. I guess he could be evil, too:)

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    I’m glad to hear you write for the local newspaper as well as here! We need to normalize and localize ourselves.

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    Becky Wiren

    Bruce, I think you’d get more traction with the Bryan Times. They actually post conservative AND liberal columnists, and the editors sound like they are center left (or left center).

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