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Questions for Evolutionists

Matt Stopera, a writer for Buzz Feed, attended the Ham on Nye debate last year. He asked 22 creationists to write a message/question for evolutionists. What follows is eight of these messages/questions. You can check out all 22 of them here. Please leave your thoughts about these messages/questions in the comment section.


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    One can either be religious or able to use proper grammar and spelling. Apparently both aren’t possible.

    Let’s pat these cute little people on the head and say, “Their, They’re, There.”

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    1. Why are there still monkeys? Why are there still any other species?

    2. Look at the world. Yes it’s amazing. Your point is….?

    3. The Big Bang doesn’t need faith, only evidence.

    4. We’ve found loads of fossils, of which Lucy is one. Assuming you’re referring to a ‘missing link’…there aren’t any.

    5. Not sure salvation counts as a purpose.

    6. Science isn’t a ‘theory’.

    7. Atheists don’t necessarily embrace alien theory. Incidentally, ‘their’ should be spelt ‘there’. And ‘huminists’…please!

    8. How do you explain a sunset without leprechauns? And you as well ‘there’ not ‘their’!!

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I think the one that bothers me the most is the notion that a theory is not testable, observable, nor repeatable. That isn’t a boatload of misunderstanding, that’s an aircraft carrier load of misunderstanding!

    A close second is the one about sunsets. Have these people never heard about earth rotation?

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    Carolyn Patrick

    Thank you Geoff! Awesome answers. They really don’t understand evolution, do they? As an atheist with a degree in English, I find that their lack of grammar drives me CRAZY!

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    Went to the Buzz Feed page itself, so my numbers correspond with the ones on that page. I’m only answering the ones of which I may have an inkling of understanding.

    1. You a guy or a gal? Doesn’t matter one way or another, I’m just curious. I seriously got it wrong with my daughter-in-law’s grandmother. First time I had met her was at the hospital where my granddaughter was born. When she left, I asked my daughter-in-law, “Now who is he?”
    2. Ain’t skeered.
    3. Yes, it is illogical.
    4. Before I answer, please clearly explain to me (no Googling and put that smart phone down!) each law of thermodynamics. I have this feeling you know only what you’ve been told about the second law – at least that’s what I’ve always noticed when people ask that – just enough to somehow “prove” the validity of creationism/intelligent design. Wipe that smirk off your face.
    5. You know the sun doesn’t actually “set”, right? I guess, though, I could explain a sunset the same way as a sunrise…? By the way, it is THERE, not THEIR!!!
    6. WTF?!? A smart phone just wrote down a question and took a selfie! Wait…how does a smart phone take a selfie?
    7. Damn! I’d be happy to discuss with you over a glass of wine by a cozy fire while soft jazz plays quietly in the background. Foot massage? Sure, I’ll get right on it! Wait, what was the question?
    10. That is NOT a question, dammit.
    11. A crawler god? Oh, a CREATOR god! Gotcha. Once again, it’s THERE, not THEIR!!!
    12. You’re kind of cute! Notice I didn’t say, “YOUR kind of cute,” haha, sigh. By the way, that is NOT a question.
    14. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Theory of Gravity. I’ve tried like hell to not believe in the Theory of Gravity in hopes that I could start flying around. Doesn’t work.
    15. What an odd dictionary you must use.
    17. Sorry to say, but I have yet to have a porpoise come up to me and say, “You were made for me!” OH…purpose…
    22. You probably think that you are paraphrasing a George Carlin line, purported to be, “If we descended from monkeys and apes, how come there are still monkeys and apes?” I can see you telling your pals, Sunday School class, or whomever, “George Carlin was an atheist and even he thought evolution was crap, man!” Sorry to burst your bubble, but George Carlin never said that. And we didn’t descend from monkeys, we descended from a common ancestor and…aw, forget it.

    The preceding is what happens when Dale takes cold medicine and doesn’t get any sleep for a couple of nights.

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    1) “why are there still monkeys” is the “where is the any key” Scientific stupidity.
    2) Ask Carl Sagan
    3) Fucking hypocrite
    4) There is only 1 iPad 4 and I’m just going to ignore all other million electronic devices that ever existed. Therefore, technology is imposible!!!
    5) “Salvation” is just deciding NOT to send us to hell. Without God, there is no salvation because there’s nothing to save us from in the first place. You don’t praise a wife beater for managing to controll himself for 5 minutes.
    6) *facepalm* there are way too many things to correct here. Science is not A theory, it’s ALL theories. and theories ARE testable, based on observation, and graduated from hypothesis to theory by being repeated. However, you can teach Creationism, as long as you throw in Greek, Norse, and Ejyptian mythology too. Oh! and local native mythology too.
    7) what the fuck are you on about? That’s Raeliens
    8) That’s so stupid i paused for a minute to figure put why you asked. Gravity and light you moron.

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