Feral Barn Cats Part Two

Last week, I asked my son and daughter-in-law if I could photograph the feral cats that reside in their barn. After giving me a quizzical look that said why?, they told me I could, but warned me that I would find it hard to get close enough to the cats to photograph them.  Sufficiently warned, I went to the barn, camera and flash in hand and took the following photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

feral cats in barn-008

feral cats in barn-009

feral cats in barn-010

feral cats in barn-011

feral cats in barn-012

What follows is not a new cat breed. My daughter-in-law told me these two chickens are quite old.




Part One


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  1. Geoff

    All these cute cats…you’re getting like Jerry Coyne!

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I love cats. I find their behavior in the wild to be quite interesting. We feed the neighborhood feral cats, and there are numerous cats that show up now and again, but there are two cats, one we call the kitten and the other a black and white cat, and these two cats are inseparable. I find their camaraderie quite fascinating. They never seen to be far from one another. The black and white cat looks to be several years older than the kitten, who is a year old now. (he came into our yard last year with his mother and a sibling. We haven’t seen the mother in months and the sibling disappeared after a few months. We assume one or both are dead)

  2. Ian

    Great pictures.

  3. Kenneth

    “they told me I could, but warned me that I would find it hard to get close enough to the cats to photograph them.”

    Ha! You sure showed them! 😉


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