Want the Truth? Read the Bible

A local Evangelical Christian recently put signs along the highway that said, Want the Truth? Read the Bible.

want truth read bible-001

Evidently, he didn’t think an atheist photographer might be driving by and take a picture. Funny how other signs come into the picture that perhaps change the intended meaning of the sign. WRONG WAY.

want truth read bible

Wrong way, indeed. Too bad I didn’t have a felt marker with me. I would have marked out THE BIBLE. Want the truth? READ. By all means, read the Bible. It is the best tool for turning a Christian into an atheist. But don’t stop there. Keep reading.

atheists read the bible



  1. Steve


  2. Kenneth

    That sign couldn’t be more true…

  3. Edward

    Well, most theologians say that context is essential for understanding. How true! LOL

  4. TLC

    The perfect illustration of the narrow-mindedness of the focus on the Bible. These people are so focused on a book, they can’t see the actual things that are giving the complete picture.


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