An Atheist and a Christian Call me Fat, Stupid, and Sad

proud american christianThe photograph above is the header picture for my Facebook page. Illiterate Christians and atheists alike wrongly assume from the photo that I am a Christian. The same thing happens on my blog. People often wrongly think that I am a Christian. These people — who evidently can’t be bothered to investigate who I am and what my blog is all about — read one post and make a snap judgment.

Here’s two examples of what I am talking about. I received both of these today.

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The last example is from a man who watched one of the Songs of Sacrilege videos. Evidently, he thought I was a Christian who was objecting to the sacrilege of the song. Oh well…


  1. Monica

    Some people are stupid, childish and hateful for no reason.

  2. Suzanne

    Fuck them. Fuck them with a rusty chain saw. You sir are A-W-E-S-O-M-E

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Thanks, Suzanne.

  3. Melissa Montana

    This just shows there are idiots in every group humans can invent. Love your writing; keep up the good work.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Thanks, Melissa.

  4. Brian

    Now, if you were to sing Looking for a City and sounded like the poor bloke on the vid, I would consider calling you all kinds of names simply because I would lose all control of such excesses and probably foul myself in the bargain. But no, I consider you a thoughtful, decent, honest man. There are not nearly as many of those around as we need and so I cherish the very few I know. My best wishes, Bruce.

  5. Michael Mock

    Yes, there’s nothing quite as insightful as dismissive personal judgements rendered by assholes who can’t even be bothered to read long enough to know what they’re actually responding to. Suzanne’s right: you’re awesome.

  6. Zoe

    Probably have miserable lives and one way to lift a bit of their misery is to add to yours. I’ve never been on Facebook. I think I’ll keep it that way.

  7. Tammy

    Wow. So much ignorance and arrogance served up with a heaping pile of fat-shaming. Their comments say a lot more about them than they realize; none of it good.

    Like many others, I find your writing to be both helpful and enjoyable.

  8. exrelayman

    Congratulations. You are being misunderstood just like Edward Current. High company indeed.

    Small intellects don’t have enough intellect to suspect they are small. They are the most certain.

  9. Steve

    Fuck them in the ass with a wooden dick and leave splinters (old nc insult, lol)

  10. J.D. Matthews

    Being stupid should burn people’s assholes. That way they’d know they were being stupid, and we’d know it when we saw them walking funny.

  11. Becky Wiren

    Grrrrr…you are so much better than either of these people. You’re an inspiration to others and you care. Both of these guys are worthless.

  12. maura hart

    wow! i totally agree with you bruce, and i like your blog. but it seems like there is a LOT of rage from all sides of all the aisles when reading comments. i wonder, does that get you down?

  13. Brian

    Hey maura hart, One of the things the fundagelical patriarchs like to do first is make one feel guilty for human feeings. What is the appropriate response to being abused? Might it be anger sometimes or even rage? This is what I wish for my children when they are confronted by abuse in their own lives, that they can choose to feel what is natural for them and not be taught to hate themselves for being human.
    Do strong feelings scare you or get you down?

    1. maura hart

      well, since i struggle with ptsd, yes – my own feelings do scare me, but i am learning to cope. however i could not give a shabby rat’s butt for the opinions of others and as for the feelings of others i only care about those i love. but some days these right wing tinfoil hat wearing lying hypocritical christian hater neo-cons are sooooooooo hateful and rageful in the comments, [imho] it seems like it would be wearing after a while. i realize that most of them are just scared to death because they secretly know there is no skydaddy. but yesterday i felt bad for you. hope my mild question was not too intrusive


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