Donald Trump, The “Christian”

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The majority of voting Evangelicals plan to cast their vote for Donald Trump come November. Their support of Trump is proof positive that Evangelicals have sold their souls to the Devil. James Dobson, arguably one of the patriarchs of Evangelicalism’s war against American culture, with a straight face, says that Donald Trump is a “baby” Christian. If Trump is a Christian, well Praise Jesus, Hallelujah, everyone, including atheists such as myself should have no problem making it to God’s Trump Hotel in the Sky®.

Even in my hardcore God is a Republican, Independent Fundamentalists Baptist days, I would never have supported a degenerate like Donald Trump. He is a twice-divorced, thrice-married misogynistic womanizer who shows all the signs of being a psychopath. Trump has a long memory, holding grudges for years. He has, so far, shown no capability to forgive or admit wrong, even when close supporters are telling him he needs to do so. Yet, despite all of this, Evangelicals plan to vote for Trump in November.

And that’s fine, but quit trying to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Donald Trump is not a Christian. If anything, he is indifferent towards religion or an atheist. But, a Christian? Please, stop it Evangelicals, you are embarrassing yourselves.

Supposedly, Evangelicals believe that beliefs matter. Why, then, are Evangelicals ignoring Trump’s theological beliefs? Let me conclude this brief post with a video clip of Trump answering a question at the Family Leadership Summit about asking the Christian God for forgiveness.  Less than a minute long, this video should end all discussion about whether Donald Trump is a follower of Jesus.

Video Link


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  1. Brian

    I’ve had me a bit of cracker too, just now, listening to one speak a form of English.
    If this man can become the president of the United States, then isn’t it time for the people to shake themselves awake and wonder, truly wonder about the spell they have been under? Have yourself a bit of cracker! Ha, the man was born for the village stage.

  2. Steve

    WTF is the gay stuff at :08??

    1. Geoff

      I had to watch that a couple of times (hard) but I see what you mean!

  3. Peter

    If anyone wanted definitive proof that Christians are not indwelt by the Spirit of the creator of the universe then surely their eager support for Donald Trump would suffice to provide such evidence.

    The smarter response from Christians would be say something along the lines that this is part of “God’s judgment on America”.

    1. Melody

      “If anyone wanted definitive proof that Christians are not indwelt by the Spirit of the creator of the universe then surely their eager support for Donald Trump would suffice to provide such evidence.”

      LOL indeed 🙂

  4. Troy

    After reading a relative’s rant about it, I now understand it isn’t about Christianity, it is about abortion.

  5. TLC

    My Catholic cousin posted Dobson’s “baby Christian” statement on Facebook today. I told her that if Trump is a Christian, then I’m an NFL quarterback. (I am 54, female, 5’5″.)

    Thank you for posting this, especially the video. I’ll be back to link to it often!

  6. Max Benser

    “Bible belief is a mental illness, our society is based on the Bible which is why our society is at war all of the time, at war for the Jew. You can not doubt that Israel and Jewry controls the United States, that Israel did 911, the vast majority of Christians are not going to condemn Israel for its terror campaign against the Republic, nor can you deny that Bible belief is causal.”

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)



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