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Justin Bieber Sings a “Worship” Song the Crowd Thinks is a Love Song


Justin Bieber, raised in a Fundamentalist Christian home, continues to struggle with the vestiges of a life left long ago. Evangelicals, hanging on every superficial mention of Jesus as proof that their God is real, see in Bieber’s performance below proof that he is still one of them. Never mind that the song I Could Sing of Your Love Forever never mentions God or Jesus or that the next song, Cold Water, reverences getting high, all that matters is that The Bieb sang a praise and worship song.

This video is a perfect example of how watered-down praise and worship music has become. I complained of this years ago, saying that many of the songs could easily be turned into boyfriend/girlfriend love songs. Out of the thousands of adoring French fans who heard Bieber sing this medley, how many of them knew the first song was a religious tune? Not many. Less than one percent of Frenchmen are Evangelical. Protestants make up two percent of the population. The overwhelming majority of Frenchmen are Roman Catholic, and only five percent of them regularly attend mass. Sixty-three percent of French youth say they belong to “no religion.”  I think it is safe to say, based on the aforementioned statistics, that most of the concert goers thought Bieber was singing an easy-to-learn love song.

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I feel sorry for Bieber and other raised-Evangelical pop stars. Superstars such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Bieber have all acted out in ways that brought the disapproval of their parents and the outrage of offended Evangelicals who thought these artists were on Team Jesus®. Their actions, often displayed for the world to see, are their way of rebelling against their Fundamentalist upbringings. In Cyrus’ case, she has repudiated her former beliefs, lashing out at Fundamentalists who continue to attempt to control her sexuality and censor her lyrics. Bieber, on the other hand, is still trying to hang on to Jesus. Several times a year the Hollywood gossip blogs and magazines will regale us with all the juicy details of Bieber’s latest youthful indiscretion. The latest? Nude (frontal) photographs of Bieber and his girlfriend. There, hung in all its glory, is Justin Bieber’s junk. I have no doubt that Bieber sought forgiveness from God for his latest “sin” and later sought out counseling from whichever Evangelical pastor is currently his spiritual guide.

If I could give Bieber counsel I would tell him to let go of his Fundamentalist parents and his Evangelical upbringing and enjoy life. Stop feeling guilty over whatever behavior your parents or other Evangelicals are telling you is “sinful.” It’s your life, and you are free to live it as you wish. Just remember the paparazzi are always near, ready to splay your life before their readers. Be discreet, but sin away!


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    We used to sing this at my university christian union. I re named it:’I’ll keep singing this song forever’ after the fact that when the worship leader was in the mood the chorus would roll on and on and on….

    But I supose there would be some irony in only singing the lyrics ‘I could sing of your love forever’ for 2 minutes!

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    Lydia Schoch

    That was fascinating.

    I never would have guessed that people wouldn’t know that song, although I’m sure you’re right about that.

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    Makes me laugh about his Evangelical parents considering his father is the one that helped block off a street in south Florida so he could drag race and Biebs and his father paid a stripper something like 4 thousand dollars just so they could both suckle from her…ehh..hmm.. ‘chest’ at the same time. But then again inappropriate sexual creepiness does seem to be an Evangelical thing..

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    I’d read about Kate Perry’s religious backround before, but not of Bieber or Cyrus.

    It’s the first time I’ve heard it as a generic love song. The version I knew is the one by Delirious? a British Christian band. I’ve still got a few of their cd’s 🙂 But it is interesting that the song doesn’t mention God by name so it can serve as a love song. However, the phrase I will daily lift my hands still sounds pretty religious to me. Unless you see your lover as a kind of God(ess) to actually worship 😉 Whatever floats your boat lol

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