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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: A Dog Story That Will Leave You Speechless and Angry

cavalier-king-charles-spanielFor most of our married life, Jenell and I [Darren Wilson] haven’t had a ton of money, so anytime we were able to bring a dog into our lives, we typically had to go the cheapest route. Humane societies. We liked the idea of saving an animal, and neither of us were interested in training a puppy, so the local pound was it. The only problem, at least in our case, was that every dog we ever got from the pound was in some way “broken.”

Behavior issues up the wazoo, peeing issues, mental issues, you name it, we had it. My wife is fond of saying that I am very good at loving a dog; I’m just very lousy at taking care of a dog. So after years of having to give up dogs we had become attached to, or having to put down dogs who were sick before their time, Jenell finally came to me and said she had had enough. It was too painful. We stunk at taking care of dogs, and she just couldn’t do it anymore.

The only problem with this was the fact that I was still a dog person. I’ve never known life without them. And I really wanted a dog, but a good dog. Unfortunately, my wife was resolute. No way. Never again. And then the ultimate stonewall: “God Himself would have to tell me to get a dog before I’d get another one.”

Years went by, and occasionally I’d bring it up, but it was always a lost cause. No way was she going to budge. So I did the only thing I knew to do: I prayed.

After a few months, my wife and some friends went on a mission trip, and along the way they stayed with a friend of mine who was very prophetic. All week long the others received words from the Lord, but my wife, who has become very healthy and doesn’t chase such things, was content to just abide in Christ. Of course she’d like a prophetic word, but she didn’t need one.

As they were all arriving at the airport to come home, my friend pulled Jenell aside and told her he had a word from the Lord for her. A smile came across her face, a silent thank-you to God for blessing her. Then, He hit her with a sledgehammer.

“Jenell, the Lord said it’s time to get a dog. Darren needs a dog. Your kids need a dog. And He has already picked the perfect one out for you. In fact, this dog will heal your heart.”

Her response was far from elation. “Did Darren put you up to this?”

He assured her he never talked to me, and Jenell contacted me to reluctantly tell me to start researching dogs.

I couldn’t believe it. God, You are amazing. But this time I was determined to do this right. So I researched actual breeders and dog breeds until I found what seemed the perfect dog breed for me: a king cavalier spaniel. The only problem I had was that we only had about $500 we could put toward this mutt, and the little research I was doing showed that purebreds were decidedly more than that, and then you had another $350 in shipping costs. But I believed in the God of the impossible now, so I jumped in with faith.

The first breeder I came across had some awesome dogs, but, man, were they expensive. So I decided to just contact them anyway and ask if they had any old dogs they just wanted to get rid of. It was the best I could hope for. All I told them was that I was a filmmaker looking for a dog. I didn’t mention that what I really wanted was a black and tan male, around 2 years old. And I didn’t mention that I only had $500.

The next morning I awoke to an email from the breeder. The first line shocked me.

“Dear Darren, first of all, we want you to know that we are huge fans of Finger of God.”

She then went on to say that they pray about every dog they place, and when she was praying the night before, the Lord highlighted one of her dogs in particular. His parents were both champion show dogs, and he was a male, 2 years old, with black and tan coloring. She then said that while she was praying God told her something strange. Usually they tithe on every dog they sell, and this particular dog was $1500. But God told her to keep the tithe and give Him the rest, so she asked if I’d be willing to take the dog for $150, plus $350 for shipping, for a total of $500?

I was speechless.

And that’s how Moses came into my life. He was a supernatural gift from God, and he truly did heal my wife’s heart…

Darren Wilson, Charisma, How Losing My Dog Brought Me Closer to God, October, 25, 2016


Wilson’s God-given dog later ran away. Wilson “tried” to find the dog, eventually giving up. I suppose he thought, the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, right?


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    Appalachian Agnostic

    What a crock. It is common knowledge that purebred dogs frequently have more health problems than mutts. A quick Google of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, (the breed’s actual name) revealed about seven diseases and disorders it is prone to. Is it just me, or do Christians often make bad pet owners? Maybe it comes from Genesis and the whole dominion over the earth thing.

  2. Avatar

    i swear i lose more neurons reading charisma than almost anything else( watching jersey shore might have killed more i cant remember). also im a bad pet owner my idea of a pet is a rock and im liable to throw that away

  3. Avatar

    Ya know, I used to eat up stories like this and marvel how “God’s hand” touched EVERYTHING we do.

    Now I read this and think, “Does God really whisper to people about DOGS, with all the problems in the world? Does God really need to personally direct the choice of a dog? And why, if someone’s budget is tight, do they spend $500 on a dog when they can adopt one from the local pound for $100?”

    And if God had decided that the dog should be with this family, then why did the dog run away?

    So glad my blindness has turned into skepticism!

    • Avatar

      Really, what TLC said. I would love to ask some comments on the original Charisma News article, but I’ve been banned from that particular Disqus channel. Which was probably from me asking very pointed and skeptical questions and failing to be impressed with Christianity or its answers. This is not the only channel on Disqus this has happened on. Saying all that to say this, those Christians simply are not interested in thinking outside of the box, or about hearing intelligent skepticism like that of TLC’s above. Christians of the stripe at Charisma News aren’t going to listen to TLC or anyone else like that. Someone (don’t remember who at the moment) said you can’t reason people out of faith when they were not reasoned into it to begin with, and that entire Charisma News article reads like a real-life example of that.

  4. Avatar

    He says in his post about loosing the dog that the Lord gives and takes away. But the lord didn’t give. He researched the dog and paid for it. And the lord didn’t take away. He says his dogs would often go on ‘joy rides’ but always come back. Caveliers are stupid and shouldnt be allowed to leave the house alone. So God didn’t take them, the stupid owners let them escape.

    The prophet knew the family wanted a dog and the breeders had seen his film. Not exactly a miracle. And you don’t need god to tell you that rescue dogs may have issues.

    This guy is so self absorbed – as if God would give a shit about him not having a dog while other Christians are being raped by IS, suffering chronic diseases, losing children etc.

  5. Avatar

    A televangelist without “a lot of money”? He ain’t doing it right!

    (This guy obviously isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. If he was purchasing a pure bred dog it isn’t “this mutt”)

  6. Avatar
    Becky Wiren

    Yeah. I noticed this guy’s selfishness. HE wanted a dog, even though his wife said he wasn’t good at taking care of them. It was all about HIM, HIM, HIM. And he never worried about the dogs getting out. Yet, he was surprised his dog didn’t come home. I don’t think this guy was capable of loving his dog by taking care of it. He liked living with dogs, which isn’t the same as being responsible for his animals. Sheesh.

  7. Avatar

    I’ve read this post twice. First time I didn’t believe what I was reading. After two reads I realise I’ve wasted a good five minutes of my life.

    By commenting I’ve doubled that.

  8. Avatar

    Hahahaha if I pray hard enough will the invisible sky daddy turn the rain into a nice merlot? Will he send a letter through someone else to tell me to get my wine glass ready? I know let’s all pray together ready 1, 2, 3………………………..fuck me dead!!! Nothing.

    • Avatar

      dude! your prayer came my way!!!!!!!! Wonderful Chianti appeared at the checkout line in Publix and I made the most AMAZING Chicken Caccitore with plenty of vino left over for consumption. Thank you!

      • Avatar

        Shit a brick!! Nothing here just a sunny spring day.. Unless sky daddy sent you a message to tell me to go to the bottle shop and buy some… Wow proof there is a sky daddy

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