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Local Christian Says My Letters to the Editor Belong in Library’s Fantasy Section

fantasy-bookI regularly write letters to the editor of the Defiance Crescent-News. I am one of a handful of liberal/secularist/humanist/atheist letter writers who challenge and rebut the never-ending stream of right-wing drivel that daily appears on the Crescent-News editorial page. Local Christians will often respond to my letters. Five men in particular: Daniel Gray, John Wilson, Larry Tonjes, Randall Peabody, and Richard Mastin have repeatedly over the years responded to my letters.  You can read the various responses to my letters here.

I recently wrote a letter to the editor concerning Evangelical support of Donald Trump. You can read my letter here. You can read previous letters to the editor here. In today’s Crescent-News, Daniel Gray responded to my latest letter, Gray, along with Richard Mastin, have gone out of their way to spread lies about me and besmirch my character — all in the name of Jesus, of course. Here is Gray’s response:

It seems Bruce Gerencser is completely ignoring the fact that the person who would be the First Husband has been accused of sexual assault and rape by no less than six women. You want that in the White House?

I find it very amazing that Gerencser would believe any of these women. The latest one is coming forward because Trump refused to loan her money for her failing food business in California, and this is a way to get back at him. The first one claimed to have been groped on a Braniff airline on a 707. Problem is there were no 707s at that time, only 727s, and the arm rest in first class is bolted and cannot be moved. Not to mention that $500,000 was deposited into her account after making the claim and it came from a high ranking Clinton campaign officer. Let’s not forget the $8 million worth of furnishings that Clinton had to return when the Secret Service caught her taking them from the White House.

Let’s not forget that she has used racial slurs against minorities or the Bimbo eruptions and her violation of the federal Anti-nepotism Act of 1968 when she tried to take over health care. The emails that show she is the one that ordered the stand-down of the rescue team for Benghazi and the 600 plus times she ignored ambassador Stevens when he begged for help. Or the simple fact that pay-to-play has been found in the recent Podesta emails.

What’s worse is that Hillary has told Goldman Sachs that her dream is to have a hemisphere-wide NAFTA from Chile to Canada. That would cut the union’s throats and yet they still want to endorse her. Say goodbye to GM and JM.

Isn’t it just strange that Gerencser, and his ilk want the government out of the bedroom, but then turn right around and demand that the government says who can and can’t get married? You can’t have it both ways, either they are not in the bedroom or they are. Mr. Gerencser’s letter is so full of half truths and myths that it would be better to be placed in the fantasy section of the public library.

People should vote for who they want, but just remember you may get what you asked for and there is no way to return it.

Daniel Gray


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    omg. I am so sorry you live with this bullshit. I thought I had it rough in SC, but since I live in North Charleston (more liberal than the Midlands or Upstate), I have local, vocal peeps, I can hang with. Hang in there. What arrogant assholes! I am voting early tomorrow because I got called for jury duty the week of the 7th (court open on the 8th). I will be mashing the Hillary button for sure. Christ on a cracker, “gerencser and his ilk”??? I be of the “ilk”. Us Hungarians are few and few between – we gotta hang together!

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    Those references, such as the ‘707’ one, have all the hallmarks of looney conspiracy theorists, so the writer probably believes 9/11 was a government plot. The guy makes assertion after assertion for which I am unable to see any evidence.

    It’s a shame he’s going to be allowed to vote, but I suppose that’s what democracy is all about; stupid votes count the same as informed ones.

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    They are true Trump followers, as they follow the example of their leader. They don’t adress anything you bring up, but instead start one of those anti-Hillary rants.

    I don’t think an armrest will stop a groper, by the way.

    Also, hate to break it to this guy, but marriage is not about the bedroom. It’s a social contract. It’s about being each other’s next of kin, generally about sharing the financials, sharing responsibility for the kids, if you have any, etc. It’s about legal responsibilities you now have towards each other. Not about bedrooms, nor what happens inside them.

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    Grammar Gramma

    I find it amusing that he would suggest that the Clintons paid off Jessica Leeds, the woman on the plane, more than 30 years ago. A “high-ranking Clinton officer”? Come on! I don’t think any such person existed then. And it would be ridiculous to suggest that Clinton paid off this woman. This is Alex Jones kind of stuff.
    Then he suggests that the Bruce wants the government to say who can and cannot get married. On the contrary, I think that liberals want the government to get out of the business of saying who can and cannot get married. Everyone of the age of consent should be able to get married. It is the government who, for too long, has told certain people they cannot get married.
    His slinging of slurs against Hillary is digging pretty deep. If he had looked into the Benghazi incident, he would find that the State Department asked Congress time and again for beefed-up security. Congress refused to authorize funding for same. Just another bullshitter.

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