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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Tim Tebow and the Miracle of John 3:16


Tim Tebow was a guest on Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show this week, and recounted a really crazy experience involving the Bible verse John 3:16.

Fans of Tebow may remember when he wrote “John 3:16” on his face (in his eyeblack) during the national championship game when he played college football at Florida.


Three years later to the day, Tebow was playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos in a playoff game.

After the game—which they won in miraculous, last-second fashion—he was informed that he had thrown for exactly 316 yards, his yards per rush were 3.16, his yards per completion were 31.6, the TV ratings for the game were 31.6 and the Broncos’ time of possession was 31.6.

After that game, John 3:16 became Twitter’s No. 1 trending topic. Tebow said he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. He says he thinks it’s evidence of a “big God.”

Relevant Magazine, Tim Tebow Told an Incredible Story About a Crazy ‘Coincidence’ Involving John 3:16, December 8, 2016

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    This reminds me of those ghost hunters, finding Bigfoot etc. If you look hard enough and convince yourself that your heard, saw or felt something you can dismiss scientific or logical explanations and believe you have proof of some supernatural crap.

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    So if homeless people wear John 3:16 on their face they’ll get 3.16 pounds of food?
    If terminal Cancer patients wear John 3:16 on their face they’ll get an extra 3.16 years to live?
    No, because God only cares about Football, not the sick and hungry.

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    If you watch the videos carefully, many many times and then again, you will see a hand appear and suddenly move that ball directly into the receiver’s catch. It is really really hard to see and only some of us are chosen to see the hand but it is there and I see if for sure. If you don’t see the hand, well, I am sorry and Jesus loves you.

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