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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Watching “Sin” on the TV by Jeff Maples


The biblical principle is simple. If it’s sinful to perform and produce, it’s sinful to watch. But the American church is so morally degenerate that she will not accept this. I understand that this is a very unpopular position to take. Some of the greatest Christian minds will disagree with me on this. Why? Because, for some reason, we have conditioned ourselves to accept “artistic” representations of sin as acceptable. “A swear word here or there won’t cause me to stumble.” But that’s just the thing, you’ve already stumbled. Immersing yourself into something sinful is sinful.

It does us no good to turn from our sin if we have no desire to completely separate from sin. How can we say that we’ve repented–that we hate sin–if we still desire to watch it? Will God allow this kind of entertainment in Heaven? Have the desires of your heart really changed if you’re a believer? If not, perhaps you should seriously examine yourself. Living out your depravity through television shows, movies, and entertainment is no different than living it out in real life. It merely assuages your conscience, leading you to believe that you don’t desire to sin, while the truth is, you very well may still be a twisted, barbaric fornicating pornographer and blasphemer at heart.

What a tool Satan has in leading the world away from God.

— Jeff Maples, Pulpit & Pen, How Entertainment Has the Church in Bondage to Sin, November 28, 2016


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      What Neil said! 😀

      Bruce, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that at first I thought this was one of your parody-type posts. Then I find out it’s genuine and meant to be taken seriously. I would roll my eyes, but they are already tired due to the day’s events (and general news items), and besides, given his presuppositions I suppose that’s a pretty logical conclusion he proposes. But when your logic concludes such an extreme position, perhaps it’s time to step back and consider your presuppositions and your evidence for your beliefs, something I could not do as a former believer until life circumstances forced me into doing so intellectually and emotionally. Then again, if more Christians thought critically about their faith and actually researched things, there would be fewer Christians. So we absolutely ought to encourage that. And to watch TV. I don’t even watch TV, and I read a column like this, and realize I am missing out!

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    This Jeff Maples guy is a bona-fide, copyright-true evangelical! He understands that we are worms and dirty and not worth the footprint we make on the earth. We are filth and we think the word, ‘fuck’ and every damned curse the almighty evil one inserts into us. We are worthless shit, etc.

    Now, how did this come to be? We were loved by God, created hy Him so what happened? It’s a real mystery but we are indeed the ” twisted, barbaric fornicating pornographer and blasphemer at heart.”

    Wow! This is so helpful and darn it, I just saw a huge pink FUCK in my mind again just now without using Amazon or TV! This is surely proof enough for Bruce to admit his fornicating porno blasphemer heart… And that Neil worm too and Byroniac the tool of Satan himself! Filth and garbage the whole lot here on this blog. A den of snakes. I bet you all watch TV. Well, just watch Jim Bakker, you filthy, fallen ones and hear God speak through dear Jim. God told Jim that Los Angeles is going to get an earthquake and because Jim loves us all in the Lord Jesus, he is offering buckets of food, sealed buckets full of food that will stay 100 percent healthy for YEARS and get us through the apocalypse that is about to rain down, praise the loving Lord! You filth-mongering jokers had better get serious soon. I am not joking around here. Jim has heard God’s voice on these matters and you need to buy buckets right now, scum of the earth. God loves you! Blessings!

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    In all truth, though, Jeff is absolutely correct. The line between the church and the world is razor thin, yet most people don’t understand this.

    But, I don’t agree with the crazed fundies, either. Just because he is right doesn’t mean he is good.

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