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Definitive Proof for Where Angels Come From!

Atheist Bruce Gerencser has definitive proof for where angels come from! Evangelicals think angels were created by God, when in fact they come from a farm in Southern Michigan. (Angel Farm is located in Bronson, Michigan.)

where angels come from michigan where angels come from michigan


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    Sir, methinks thou dost jest. Let us be serious! This farm states its case quite clearly and nowhere is it suggested that angels are produced there. They in fact run the farm and apart from their somewhat clumsy, obtrusive wings, they resemble farmers everywhere and can be heard cursing far across the fields at their old, defective farm machinery. As there are no women left who are dumb enough to stay on the farm, the only angels left there are crotchety old men for most part, and obviously no new angels are being produced. (I believe I was one of the very last ones born way back in the fifties.) Now quit spreading lies about things you know nothing of: This particular farm was established in 2012! Ha! The only angels you will find there are those who escaped the old angels home just down the road from the farm.
    You really show not respect for established history, Gerencser. You just say whatever you please.

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      Thank for the giggle on a morning I needed one.

      Does this mean those Evangelical mega-churches are factory-farmed Christians? Just askin’…

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      Yeah, but the whole free-range angel thing didn’t work out so well… does the name Lucifer ring a bell?

      I don’t know. I feel uncomfortable when approached by angels. Look at what happened to Mary. And I’m at least as virtuous as she was…

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    So, if you dance in front of that farm and don’t realize anyone is watching, are you entertaining angels unawares?

    Couldn’t help myself.

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