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On the Road Looking for God’s True Church

As Polly and I travel the roads of Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Southeast Indiana, we are always on the lookout for God’s True Church®. Here are a few of the churches we stumbled upon in recent weeks.

pleasant chapel united methodist church van wert ohio

Pleasant Chapel United Methodist Church, Van Wert, Ohio, Ron Lumm, pastor Facebook

Vending machine Jesus. Snickers Jesus? M&M Jesus? Zero Jesus Zagnut Jesus? Milky Way Jesus? Almond Joy Jesus? Insert money, pull the handle, and you will have your very own personal Savior!

divine mercy catholic church payne ohio

Divine Mercy Catholic Church, Payne, Ohio, Joseph Poggemeyer, priest Website

st jacobs united church of christ payne ohio

St. Jacobs United Church of Christ, Payne, Ohio, James Langham, pastor No Web Presence

st marys catholic church antwerp ohio

St. Marys Catholic Church, Antwerp, Ohio, Joseph Poggemeyer, priest Website

st paul united methodist church payne ohio

St. Paul United Methodist Church, Payne, Ohio, Facebook

No one knows how long eternity is or if it even exists. We do, however, know how short life is. Why spend your short life chasing after an eternity that does not exist?

trinity lutheran church van wert ohio

Trinity Lutheran Church, Van Wert, Ohio No Web Presence

I tried to open the church door so I could get the keys to heaven. The door was locked.

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  1. Avatar

    THE TRUE CHURCH>>>there it is!! That is the “SIGN”, the sign of Jesus that rules us all ,,,,,not a crucifix or cross, not a dove, not a fish, not a Mary statue, or Jesus, or lamb

    #Divine Mercy Cathederal 2nd photo. *notice stylized ihs/jhs in archway above columns, top right.

    Try asking a Catholic priest what it means, some act dumb and pretend to not know, but here is some responses>>

    ihs ~ greek name for Iesus, Ihesous…..unless it was Ihsous…..
    ihs~ in him salvation, from in hominus salvatori……..but in in latin is et
    ihs~ in hoc signo ….. in this sign. in hoc signo vinces…Victory? Victory over who?

    Whatever really, it is the logo, the old seal’, the sign of the Society of Jesus….the Jesuits….the IHS. It is Freemasonry code that its a Jesuit Church. Notice the masonry,columns,brickworks =$$. Take notice of its appearance in stained glass windows, even in Anglican,Wesleyan,and other Protest-ant large stone churches.

    Bruce has found the SIGN, In this sign, Victory, victory over all and to bring them back to the ONE TRUE CHURCH, the Society of Jesus, the soldiers of Christ, founded by Ignatius Loyola, the Jesuits. Their very mission to educate and spread the Faith.( i wont start on them here, but look for yourselves)
    DEFUNCT, all the other ministrys dont matter. I was waiting for ” MA & PAs HOLY HILLBILLYS”> Kissing cousins married on Moonshine Communion ….14+ please!…..Moses serpent tonic $2.
    Incredibly, all those churches are doing the “good work” for the Jesuits, and totally oblivious. JWs handing out Bibles at your door, god bless em. They are laughing…..although not dogma & doctrine, it still is fear of hell & Jesus faith =salvation indoctrination! Every CHRISTIAN denomination is still spreading faith in Jesus and the Bible.

    Its only a sign, old symbol, so what?………WHEN HAVE THEY TRIED TO HIDE IT ??????

    When Obama gave a global press speech at Jesuit Georgetown University, the IHS above the pulpit, proudly displayed for the likes of Clinton, or Rupert Murdoch, was mysteriously blacked over, hidden when he gave his speech. They covered the link between the President & the IHS above his head.
    * Notice too the similarity between the Presidential Eagle & the Georgetown Eagle Logo/Seal. Both are based on the Vatican Byzantine Eagle, clutching the globe and the crucifix.

    Today? Trump was trained at Jesuit IHS Fordham. The new pope is a Jesuit……Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Merkel, Abbott, Saint Theresa May…… I have to go on ???????
    A Society Of Jesus, a secret society, a miltary organization for the Victory in that sign, the sign of Jesus, the IHS. The very IHS, Jesuits that infiltrated Freemasonry and Protestant Churches to bring them back to the Faith. Americas Freedom of Religion was to allow Catholic Worship into Churches of England run colonys. Carroll the “Father”.
    The fact that Bruce was “ex-communicated” should prove they have……..
    the “dove”, the “fish”, Trnitarian etc, are all Catholic logos (see Ecclestiacal Heraldry to know what they mean).

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