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Giving Some Chick Tracts the Love They Deserve

No plumbing was hurt in the shooting of these photographs.

jack chick tract the present jack chick tract the present jack chick tract a love story


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    Though you claim that no plumbing was damaged, you have no way to prove such a statement. It is not now, nor ever has been as far as I know, that this kind of Christian drivel damages the mere surface of things and all your photos are of simple surfaces. Once that shit is flushed into the pipes, I believe the severe and long-lasting damage is done. It gets deep into the system and rots it with sick ideas and acidic self-destruction. It eats away the insides and then what happens? We are Trumped.
    Also, just sayin’, it appears that the first photo is of emergency toiiet paper, called The Present. In a pinch, who wouldn’t be grateful to wipe up with such a gift. This of course assumes that the plumbing is first-rate and can take the abuse.

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    I’ve been tempted to do that a time or two myself, but was afraid of clogging up the plumbing.

    My preferred method of disposing of Chick Tracts is to run them through my paper shredder, then deposit the shreds in the recycle bin. They also make pretty good kindling.

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      Undortunately, Mr. chick will be unable to process your request. He is too busy gleefully looking at the eternal concious torment of unbelievers, catholics, gays, liberal or even moderate “christians”, dungeons and dragon players, atheists, muslims, jews, as well as many others from the observation window in heaven.

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    Jack Chick is dead (so flushing his publications won’t anger him), and supposedly the tracts are still considered collectible, especially the older and rarer ones because Chick kept updating them over time. The irony is that people are really not into the tracts that Chick drew, but the ones Fred Carter did, because he could really draw; he knows how to do subtle shading techniques and how to draw people realistically, and as he did the work on the Alberto and Crusaders comic books, they have collector value. Chick himself never got beyond a weird knockoff of Jim Davis’ Garfield drawing style.

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    I hadn’t a clue what the post was about until the comments began. Googled and now I understand.

    And yes, the toilet bowl is where they belong, preferably after being used appropriately.

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    I have to wonder how effective Chick tracts are? By their simple ubiquity they must have had a few converts, but have yet to see the testimony of someone born again from finding one while waiting for their laundry to dry at a laundromat. The funniest thing about them is that Kent Hovind and Jack Chick would use each other as references!
    I sometimes think atheists should do more in the surprise message department. After all we know where they hang out at least one day of the week.

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