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Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Pastor Shawn Greaves Accused of Battery and Attempted Kidnapping

shawn greaves

Shawn Greaves, pastor of Faith Family Outreach Ministries in Kissimmee, Florida, “stands accused of battery and attempted kidnapping of another teacher.” WESH-2 reports:

Deputies said Shawn Greaves, 52, threw a woman in a classroom closet and made sexual advances earlier this month.


The longtime teacher at Parkway Middle School stands accused of battery and attempted kidnapping of another teacher.

Osceola County deputies arrested Greaves on Tuesday, but the incident allegedly took place inside the school two weeks ago.

In the classroom of a third teacher, a woman told police on April 5 that Greaves, “put his hands around her buttocks area, lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder.” Greaves then allegedly carried the woman over to a closet, where he put her on a desk and, “pressed his body against hers,” thrusting several times.

The woman said she kept telling him to stop, before Greaves left.

A call went out to parents of students on Wednesday from the principal of the school, alerting them to the arrest.

Greaves is also listed as the president/director and senior pastor of Faith Family Outreach Ministries in Kissimmee, where at least one neighbor couldn’t believe he’d been arrested.

“For the most part, he’s an awesome person. I’ve never seen him do anything like that, ever,” a neighbor told WESH 2 News.

Greaves was reassigned from his work at Parkway Middle School and moved to another facility where he’s not around kids.

Although the report details sexual advances, Greaves got out of jail on Wednesday, charged only with simple battery and attempted kidnapping.


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    “In the classroom of a third teacher, a woman told police on April 5 that Greaves, “put his hands around her buttocks area, lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder.” Greaves then allegedly carried the woman over to a closet…”

    I believe Shawn might be inspored by the spirit of Steven Anderson who says he hefts up his wife every day and carries her across the house to demonstrate that he is the head of the family… The God who ‘speaks’ to these men is a prick who speaks clearly to pricks who need to harm women. Thank goodness some women fight back or we would never hear how whacko these guys are…

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      this women is trying to ruin him because they dont like what he does! i personally work with him and never seen such a behavior.

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        I am appalled by your response and that of MA’s. You are victim blaming, so victims don’t come forward and their lives are ruined – speak to victims of sexual abuse and they will tell you that 50yrs on, they are still affected badly. In the Uk, I was grateful the balance swung to taking seriously any complaint of this nature. As teachers, we were trained to say to a student/colleague who told us of an improper event, ‘I take seriously what you say and I will investigate’. This is not the same as saying ‘I believe every word you are saying’. I also have a neighbour who became an unemployable alcoholic after false allegations by a fantasist that he abused a student he taught. So, I know there are odd people out there out to ruin good reputations, but ALL ALL ALL complaints of abuse MUST be taken seriously by authorities. I repeat, go online and read stories of abused folk who suffer from being called liars many many years on from the event. At very least, marie and MA be mature enough to keep an open mind and trust a justice system in a free country to deal with the case.

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        Blame the person who speaks up! Blame her! She wants to harm him! The fact that you express yourself this way demonstrates how inadequate your assessment is of the situation. Personally you have never seen such behavior, SO? If people like you are not successful in shaming and blaming the alleged victim into silence or worse, then perhaps we will be able to let the process play out and then see what is what…. would that be tolerable, Ms Denial?

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    I’m shocked. I am his student in social personal 4th period class and he was awesome, no problems. I feel like this woman might be exaggerating this thing. People do that a lot making a minor problem seem bigger than it really is. I was really shocked because literally on that same day he gave me a fist bump and I always do good in his class. I feel bad for him as well because some of the students in that class disrespect him and give him a hard time. Hopefully this gets better and at least it’s not as bad as the woman made it look. I will miss him a lot.

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    I personally worked with Pastor Greaves as a Special Education facilitator. He began a student daily prayer in the morning before school. He empathized with the students and supported the teachers. The principal, the “victim” and the other alleged witness, were all in the scheme. After posting his picture on the news, it destroyed a school community among staff, teachers, and students. This was a disgrace done to him, eventually the “victims” own lawyers dropped the charges. Finding him innocent, his faith in the Lord and his devotion to his ministry, gave him the strength to overcome. You should update your original post. Thank you

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I found no public news story that says charges against Shawn Greaves were dropped. It is prosecutors not the victims that can drop charges against an alleged criminal, so you are most certainly wrong on this count. That said, if you have verifiable information that shows that charges against Greaves have been dropped, I will gladly amend this story. I always want these reports to be factual. I hope you understand that I can’t just “take your word for it.” Numerous people have, over the years, told me similar things about this or that accused pastor (including the pastors themselves), only to find out they were lying. All I ask is that you provide evidence for your claim that I can publicly verify.


      Bruce Gerencser

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