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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Godly Men are on a Superior Level to “Unsubmissive” Women

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Good men, God-fearing men are very very important. We all heard “cut off the head”, right?!?! The enemy knows this so he makes it a point to destroy relationships between man and woman. Satan hates the man that knows not only to protect the woman from the dangers of the natural world but also from the more dangerous  supernatural world. These men are rare, the ones that lead families etc. in the ways of God. They’re on another level placed there by their continued submission to God. Promoted by God for His glory. So that woman must get on his level. Not the level he put himself on but the level God is placing him on. Samson was messing with females that weren’t on his level and it cost him his life and anointing. The woman can’t jump ship when the trials and tests hit the home. She shouldn’t tell the man to “curse God and die” like Job’s wife did, because she blames him for all the drama and pain in her life, yet he was blindsided by it all too. A woman that submits to God and a man of God will be honored by her husband. He will brag on her at the gates, lol. God created an order, a structure. Women say they want good men but for some reason they keep throwing their lures in the same wrong pond(club, bar etc). Murky water! God’s pond crystal clear but get your level up ladies by seeking Him and He just might grant you access to peaceful waters.

— EmJay, Seeking His Kingdom, A Word to the Ladies From EmJay, April 25, 2017


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    The Bible’s view on women is so damned fucked up. Women have to be powerless, but their sexual powers of seduction are seen as almost unearthly – or should I say divine?

    Women seduced angels, don’t you know? That’s why the flood happened. That’s why women still have to cover their heads – yet only when preforming religious tasks. To me that says the following: angels have a fetish thing for religious women…. Or perhaps the various Bible writers had 😉

    (I saw this childrens’ video a while ago – it was for little muslim girls to explain why they had to wear the headscarf and it said things about Satan being less able to seduce the girls and women that way – let’s just say that it sounded eerily familiar.)

    It’s very strange, isn’t it? It means Satan and angels are pretty weak and very – unnaturally so – interested in women, but it also means that a mere cloth or headcovering has pretty strong magical powers. It can keep angels and Satan at bay – like a magic shield! That actually also makes me think of the ghost dance movement where they thought their magic shirts would stop bullets.

    It’s all asigning magic powers to mere clothing. Perhaps there’s a cash cow in that? 😉

    It’s just so weird, such a dialectic view. On the one hand, women are worth nothing, only good for sex and getting kids, the man is the head in and of everything. Yet the Bible is also full of warning against women’s vile powers of seduction – that can even make angels fall.

    So which is it?

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    Michael Mock

    I will note again (and I’m far from the first to observe this) that the Biblical view of the rights of women and children isn’t at all concerned with human rights; it’s strictly a description of property rights – specifically, the property rights of adult men, as they pertain to those men’s women and children.

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