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Gone For the Month of July

gone fishing

I have decided to take a month-long break from blogging. I plan to start writing again on August 1st; that is if Donald Trump hasn’t caused a nuclear war by then. If he has, it has been good knowing you.  It’s been two and a half years since I have taken a break, so I am due. Physically and psychologically I am worn out. Throw in a recent car accident — Bambi’s Dad ran into the left front of our 2015 Ford Escape — a fall that broke my relatively new iPad Pro — which Apple will replace for a mere $600 — a mounting financial problem due to medical debt, and one of my sons inexplicably and stupidly walking out on his wife and four children, well, I am ready to go over the rainbow with Dorothy and Toto. Since my wife prefers that I remain among the living, I thought it best to take a break, not only from blogging, but also social media.

Polly and I have a short trip planned for July 14-17 — our thirty-ninth wedding anniversary. We plan to stay at the historic Boone Tavern Hotel in Berea, Kentucky. While there, we plan to travel nearby back roads looking for trouble and suitable photography subjects. On the 16th, we plan to visit the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, and on the 17th we have tickets for the Cincinnati Reds vs.Washington Nationals baseball game. Our youngest son and his girlfriend will be house-sitting for us, along with babysitting Bethany, our dog, and our cat.

I also plan to do some seriously needed work to my photography site, Defiance County Photo. I have been trying to get a photography business up and running, but so far the gods are working against me. I need to invest some time in doing some promotional work, along with expanding my portfolio. I also plan to morph into Santa Claus come November and December, hoping that between this and my photography business to make some much-needed cash.  I just received the pattern for my Santa suit. Polly and my youngest daughter, both of whom are excellent seamstresses, have agreed to make the suit for me. I have the beard and the build, now all I need is the suit. I have some thoughts about merging the Santa gig and my photography business during the Christmas season, offering area residents personal access to the man from up North — and no I don’t mean Michigan.

I hope to come back from my sabbatical reinvigorated, ready to take on the Evangelical horde and the Trump administration. I do plan to re-post several posts every few days from 2015 and 2016 while I am gone. Hopefully, these posts will keep readers engaged until I return August 1st.

Until then,



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    You have a great break Bruce, you and Polly deserve it.

    I look forward to seeing some of your photos when you get back.

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    Have a wonderful month off from the crazy, Bruce. Much luck on finding interesting photography subjects and getting your assorted income ideas off the ground and easing the financial situation too. As for your son… well, let’s just say that our kids may grow up, but we never really quit being parents, do we?

    May you return in August refreshed, renewed, and recharged.

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    Becky Wiren

    Have a great time, Bruce! You and Polly deserve a vacation. Will be looking forward to more of your wisdom August 1.

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    Happy Anniversary to you and Polly, Bruce.

    BTW, hubby and I stayed at the Boone Tavern Hotel last year on our mini vacation. Tips: do try the Tavern’s spoon bread (yummy!), do not try the Tavern’s chocolate cake (really dry) and the hotel staff is super nice. Also, there was a wonderful homemade soup and sandwich place near the Tavern (a few doors down). And if you decide to go out in the boonies to visit Tater Knob pottery, watch out for the tiny, twisty, one-lane road on which it is located. Hope your visit to my home state is pleasant and your hiatus is restful.

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    Diana Langley

    All best for a well-deserved break Bruce. Sounds like you’re pushing the right buttons in your plans. Love getting your blog straight into my inbox. It’s so liberating to read after my being in fundamental evangelism 40+ years !
    From South of England UK with thanks.

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    Have a wonder-filled vacation poking around and taking pictures… Will be thinking of you and Polly in your absence. Thanks for managing the blog and for keeping on keepin on!

  7. Avatar

    Enjoy your time away. I hope you get a lot of amazing photographs this summer, and I want to see a picture of you in your santa suit this winter! Haha. 🙂

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    So sorry to read about the other circumstances of the storm. So glad you’ll be able to get away and breathe a bit,

    Enjoy those back roads, your time with Polly, the photography, the Reds game, and the other good stuff to come while on break.

    And Happy 39th! <3

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    Enjoy your vacation, Bruce! You more than deserve it.

    Wishing you succes with your endeavours and a happy anniversary! The Boone Tavern looks great.

    One of my friends is beginning a photography business as well; it’s fun to follow her journey. She covers festivals and concerts and has done some architecture photography as well. I’ll check out your photography site.

    (I’ve only a few days ago, begun to start a little website building myself. It’s a fun thing to do and not as hard as I assumed it would be.)

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    hello Bruce you have a wonderfuel site i came across it
    its realy eye opening and since i have decided to leave christianity for good
    its a help upon the way ! have a great day

    • Avatar

      “leave Christianity for good”
      A strong use for a clichéd phrase, Vincent. Evangelical Christianity is an unhealthy foundation for life, insists that you demean yourself and others by admitting ‘sin’. And that is just the doorway into self-harm… Surely a biped is able to do a bit better than that! And what does that initial requirement already assume? That you are caught in some evil web of Satanic woo from the womb onward.
      I admit I am not perfect and sometimes do harm but I depend on myself to do better and I certainly do not depend on someone else to do it for me, especially a magic Unseen in the sky.

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